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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunday's "Living With Your Pet" Tips: How Does Your Pet Show His Love?

    Fabulous photo of me by John Clark of Clark Creative

Spring is finally here and that means that a dog's or cat's fancy turns to love. And one of our favorite holistic veterinarians, Dr. Karen Becker, has described 10 ways that our pets show us that we're their one and only. Does you kitty do a head bump or your pooch gaze longingly into your eyes (even when there's no food in sight)? Yep, that's a sign of true love! 

As you while away your Sunday, why not ruminate on these signs of love from our furry best friends. And don't forget to tell us how your buddy shows you that you're loved.We'd love to hear your stories!

P.S. Coming tomorrow is a very special post and giveaway! Our good friend Hiroshi Haykawa, author of Kiragami Menegerie, has just coming out with a new book called Paper Pups, 35 Dogs to Copy, Cut & Fold, and we're giving away three autographed copies! Believe us: these pups are stunning, and the different designs allow humans of all ages to make their very own Paper Pups. Stay tuned!


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