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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Pet Parents And Their Sneaky Ways...Is Your Dog Legal?

Leo and pet parent. Photo by Emily Louise Andrews courtesy of The New York Times

What would you do (strictly legal or otherwise) to keep your beloved pet with you when you moved...to an apartment? Read the tales of these New Yorkers who did just about anything to keep Fido and Fluffy and still nab that New York apartment of their dreams. How about "decreasing" the weight of your large-ish dog, claiming one black cat when you have several (they all look alike, right?),  offering large sums of upfront money,  submitting a substantial dossier on your pet with testimonials from veterinarians, dog walkers, neighbors, all describing your pet's sweet, non-barking nature?

The problem with New York rentals is that the market's tight, and the city that never sleeps is home to about half a million dogs and as many cats "and to millions of people with with assorted fears, phobias and allergies living just inches from their neighbors." We loved how these savvy, pet loving New Yorkers finagled deals to ensure that their families remained intact when they moved-it can't hurt to file away some of these tricks just in case... As the article says, "Bark if you're legal!"

We wrote a post last year describing traveling pet parents sneaking their pooches or kitties into hotels and asked if you've ever done such a thing. Now, we'd love to know if any of you have been forced to use similarly drastic measures while apartment hunting? Let us know!


GizmoGeodog said...

I have shown prospective landlords the ribbons my dogs have won, and I have shaved a few pounds here and there, but nothing drastic...But then I've never tried to rent in NYC with a dog

Unknown said...

Never had to lie about Max but...if I had to move to NYC....well...good ideas :)

Sheltie Times said...

I think it's one of the reasons we waited until we could buy a house and why we'll likely never be able to live in the city. It is really hard to rent here with any dogs. I know a few people who have found reasonable landlords, but most in this area only allow cats.

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