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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pet Pics Trump Granchildren Photos For This Frequent Flyer

 Robin Ganzert, president of the American Humane Association, and her newly adopted puppy, Cora Sandy. Photo by Rich Musselman of the AHA, courtesy of The New York Times

Each Tuesday, The New York Times Business Section features a frequent flier - someone who has an interesting job that requires lots of airplane travel. The column is written by the frequent flier (or "told to" a Times writer) and so their stories are in first-person, which makes us readers feel like we're stuck in the dismal airports and along for the flights, too. Each of the frequent fliers answers a set of similar questions, like what's your least favorite and most favorite airport and why, favorite "airport vice" (most involve junk food or trashy magazines), and all include a funny and/or harrowing tale of travel predicaments.

Today's "Frequent Flier" piece was written by the gal above: Robin Ganzert, current president of the American Humane Association, who travels by air several times a week for her work.  She claims (and somehow we believe her ) that her fellow travelers favor revealing pictures of their pets rather than their children or grandchildren, even though the American Humane Society is dedicated to helping both animals and children.
"Once a fellow passenger finds out what I do, it's inevitable that person will show me a picture of their pet or pets. A grandparent may show me one picture of a grandchild, but only one, even if they have a lot of grandchildren before they show me  picture  of an animal. Parents usually skip their children and go right to the pet pictures."

Although Parental Unit wasn't lucky enough to have human kids (or even inherit any though marriage!), she's happy to show off pictures of Bella and me. Whose photos do you show to friends, family or complete strangers first: your kids/grand kids or your pets? Let us know!


meowmeowmans said...

We don't have human kids, but are always happy to show off pictures of our four-legged furry babies! :)

Unknown said...

I'm an equal opportunity torturer...they are gonna see both the kids and the pup!! ha!

Unknown said...

My parents are always proud of moi :)


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