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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jamie Eaton, a dog therapist, with Milky, the offending pooch. Photo courtesy of The Washington Post

We loved this piece from yesterday's Washington Post about therapy, of sorts, for dogs-and can't help but have some fun with it. It's actually an informative read, but I couldn't help emitting a yelp at the part where the humans break down crying while talking to the animal behaviorist/therapist. These poor humans have internalized the blame (or shame) for their poorly behaved dogs...hehehe.

 Of course, that therapy staple of talking out your problems is more for the humans, just like all that other stuff like dressing us up and putting us in your purse or a baby stroller, if you get my drift... We're happy-go-lucky canines who just want to romp around and sniff each others butts, O.K.? 

Let us know what you think-do canines and/or their owners need therapy?


GizmoGeodog said...

I had to laugh...When we were at Global Pet Expo the only dog that Gizmo barked at was a stuffed dog :D

The Daily Pip said...

I always joke that all of my pets have issues. Not sure they are serious enough as to need professional help, but they definitely all have their emotional and behavioral quirks!

Kristin (Pip's assistant)

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