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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The HSUS Launches 'Rescue Central': Read All About It Here!

What better time than Valentine's Day, the day and month we celebrate love, to help the Humane Society of the United States celebrate one of its newest (and free) programs: Rescue Central - Resources to Help Rescue Groups Save More Lives". The HSUS has a long-established program in place to help shelter organizations optimize their life-saving efforts, and now they're launching a separate but complimentary effort to help the nearly 10,000 rescue organizations across the county save the lives of even more companion animals.

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Abby Volin, the HSUS's Rescue Group Coordinator, about this new program, and we were thrilled to learn about the depth and breadth of resources that the HSUS now provides specifically for rescue groups. This information is easily accessible online at: www.animalsheltering.org/rescuecentral, through regular articles in Animal Sheltering Magazine, and via a specific 'track" and the annual, HSUS Animal EXPO conference, coming up in May.

Since rescue groups are such a huge part of animal welfare, the HSUS created this first national program to "help rescue groups professionalize and elevate as a community." Abby stressed that "until now, rescue groups, which play a crucial role in reducing the number of homeless animals, have been left on their own, [but now] Rescue Central has been developed to provide guidance and best practices." Let's say your rescue group needs help incorporating, understanding applicable tax laws or establishing a board. Or perhaps you need tips for finding and applying for grants, holding fundraisers and cultivating donors. What about building positive, effective relationships with those both inside and outside your local animal welfare community, implementing creative marketing and advertising ideas for adoptions, building your volunteer network or a foster model? Check all of the above! The HSUS's new Rescue Central - Resources to Help Rescue Groups Save More Lives-provides all of this information and more, just a click or two away.

Another cool part of Rescue Central is that it's created an online forum for rescue group leaders to interact, get and give advice and share tips and ideas. Why not collaborate and help all rescue groups to become more effective, and in turn, save more lives? Just e-mail your name, rescue organization, and your position to join.

Even if you're not directly involved with a rescue group, please "chat up" this new and valuable HSUS initiative and  pass it along  to a friend or colleague who's involved with animal sheltering or rescue...and help save a life today. And if you have any questions about Rescue Central, feel free to contact Abby Volin, HSUS Rescue Group Coordinator, at: avolin@humanesociety.org.

                        As always, thanks for your support!


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