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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Underdog Club

We saw this article featured in the most recent Modern Dog Magazine newsletter and was totally taken with this small group of dedicated volunteers in Montreal, Quebec, who started what they astutely dubbed "The Underdog Club". The "club" started in 2007, "bills itself as the first-ever dog marketing agency...that helps shelters in Montreal promote their hardest to place dogs," the old, the ugly and the unpopular," as the club lovingly refers to these difficult-to-adopt canines. The group's dozen or so members contribute their various talents in photography, social media, website design, writing and the like to help promote adoption for these often overlooked furkids. The club also contributes its talents to education, rescue dog visibility, fundraising for operations and behavior modification, and the like.

We couldn't help but think about the enormous impact "clubs' like this could have if they were "franchised", so to speak, and started popping up across the country. They could work hand-in-hand with local rescues and shelters, using this same successful model to help those shelter dogs who seem least likely to get adopted, find loving forever homes.

What do you think about this club and the "franchise" idea? Let us know!


Anonymous said...

As soon as I read the first couple of sentences, I was thinking the same thing: franchise! What a spectacular idea! Bocci, have your talented mum send off an e-mail asap and make inquiries. I'll be waiting to hear what you find out. Tank (and Asst.)

Unknown said...

That's a brilliant idea! Everyone deserves a second chance!

Bocci said...

Great minds think alike, do they not, Tank, Tank's Asst, and Priscilla and Eva:-)
I will attempt to make contact...

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a great idea
Benny & Lily

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