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Friday, October 26, 2012

Iam's Home 4 The Holiday's 2012 Adoption Campaign!

We're thrilled to help promote an incredible annual adoption campaign: Iam's Home 4 the Holidays! This is Iam's 14th year partnering with the Helen Woodward Animal Center for this three month adoption blitz, which has helped place more than 7 million pets into loving homes and donated an average of 200,000 tons of Iam's dog and cat food to its partner shelters in the last 13 years! Let's all put our paws together in a hearty round of applause for Iam's, the Helen Woodward Animal Center and the founding father of this campaign, Mike Arms, the longtime president of the Helen Woodward Animal Center (and one of Parental Unit's personal heroes)!

But we can't spend too much time resting on our laurels because another holiday season is upon us, and their are still millions of companion animals that are needlessly euthanized each year for only one reason: the lack of a loving home. This year's Home 4 the Holidays campaign runs from October 1, 2012 through January 2, 2013, and believe it or not, has already placed over 100,000 companion animals with their new forever homes! So our job is to help spread the good word about adoption, and the role education plays in finally ending the heartbreaking cycle of not enough homes for an overabundance of companion animals. More on specific ways you can help coming soon!

Meanwhile, here's something new that's been added to the campaign just this year: It's called the Digital Dish Drive and it's an easy way to donate meals to pets in need, right from your laptop or mobile device! Just log to Iam's Facebook page to check out the dogs and cats available for adoption, and during scheduled "feeding times" each day, every "Like" or "Share" will result in a meal donation to a participating shelter. Cool huh?!

We'll look forward to bringing you lots more information about this incredible adoption campaign real soon! As always, thanks for your support.


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