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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday's "Living With Your Pet" Tips: How To Massage An Arthritic Dog

Photo of me my John Clark of Clark Creative

We found these excellent tips for giving your arthritic pooch a massage on Dog Channel.com., Dog Fancy' web site, and couldn't wait to pass them on to you. We think these daily, short massage sessions will not only ease your dog's aches, but allow for some quiet bonding time for just the two of you-a perfect win-win situation!

Although the article stresses that massage will not cure arthritis, it is proven to ease its aches and pains, particularly when combined with gentle stretching and daily exercise-all of which you and your pooch can do together. The idea is to work up to about a 10-15 minute session each day, with early morning and evenings the best times for these massages: to ease the natural morning stiffness after a night of inactivity, or to relax before bedtime. We hope these step-by-step instructions encourage you to schedule massage time with your arthritic pet-I think it sounds great, and I don't even have arthritis!

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