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Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Brandi, You're A Fine Girl..." And One Lucky Dog!

   Photo of Brandi the lucky Beagle by Douglas Bovitt/Courier Post
We couldn't believe this story in today's Los Angeles Times about a sweet faced Beagle who took a 70 foot plunge off a bridge in New Jersey, and as the article said, "lived to bark about it." Apparently, the wayward pooch got away from her owner as they were walking the Delaware river front promenade in Burlington, New Jersey a few nights ago, became frightened by oncoming traffic on the bridge and decided the water 70 feet below looked more enticing. We're just glad she's safely back with her owner who, with the help of police, found her later that night. Brandi, you're a fine and one "doggone lucky" canine!


Unknown said...

Sounds so scary. So glad that she has united with her owner!

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