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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday's "Living With Your Pet Tips": Five Back to School Transition Tips For Your Dogl

Although your dog probably isn't going back to school next week, your kids are, which could leave Fido lonely and down in the dumps...and perhaps even lead to destructive behavior, like eating your sofa.  And even if you don't have children, maybe your Parental Unit is a teacher, like mine, and they'll be spending long hours at school...without you!

We found these tips on VetStreet.com to help your favorite canine to transition to an empty house during the day-and we think they make pretty good sense. For example, even with all the hubbub surrounding a return to school and a different routine, don't forget to give your dog extra exercise-he's a member of the family, too, and depends on you for those daily walks and special chew toys to help keep his mind off the empty house. It's good to be reminded that a long walk or run followed by a hearty meal will lead to snooze time for your furry friend-he might not even notice your gone! And don't forget to practice low-key comings and goings-if you're not excited, or anxiety-ridden when you leave or arrive home, your pooch likely won't be either...

Enjoy! And let us know if you have any special rituals or tricks you use to ease your dog into a different or back-to-school routine.


Lorenza said...

Sure is not easy to be alone at home.
Thankfully my grandparents don't go to school!
Happy Sunday!
Kisses and hugs

plastic card printing said...

which breed is this dog from because i m interested to have one like one .

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