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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Detective Solves Case of Runaway Dog

 Photo of Pepper, the canine escape artist, courtesy of The Los Angeles Times

This article in today's LA Times reads like a detective novel-except you can't make this stuff up: Pepper, a three-year-old shar-pei, shepherd mix with wanderlust, took off during a walk with his elderly owner (Pepper had recently been placed with this new owner by a Santa Fe, New Mexico shelter). And it took eight long months with a trained detective and his posse to safely capture the pooch.

Ex-lawman Steve Dobbie, a retired detective and former big-game trapper, has nothing but respect for the dog he finally brought to safety: "During his time on the streets, a day didn't go by when I didn't increase my respect and admiration for that dog," he told a reporter for the The Los Angeles Times. 

We are heartened to read of this substantial effort dedicated to bringing Pepper to safety. Apparently, he was crossing busy Santa Fe roads many times daily, and likely would have eventually been struck by a car and injured or killed. And with additional efforts by detective Dobbie, Pepper was placed with an animal sanctuary near Sacramento, California. "Finally, this dog is going to be able to run in a safe environment," said Dobbie.

Kudos to the veteran detective and his "posse" for their considerable efforts to help one stray dog. But the fun is in the details-we hope you enjoy reading how this savvy canine was eventually captured.

Me? No posse needed to bring me to a safe home-I jumped right into Parental Unit's arms from the shelter cage and have never left...her bed!


Lorenza said...

Glad to know Pepper is safe now!
Thanks for sharing the story!
Kisses and hugs

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