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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

"Cat Proof" Your Computer With SurDoc...And Get FREE Online Storage!

Bella sitting precariously close to Parental Unit's computer...

Our good friends at Romeo the Cat told us about this really cool offer from SurDoc, a hip, Silicon Valley company that backs up all those precious documents (and photos of your beloved four-legged companions) stored on your computer in "The Cloud". Most of us have heard about that cloud stuff and we're already using it for some of our photos...but we've come to learn that we need a bit more protection, even if we have all of our files stored on a hard-drive, because those can crash, too. So we're convinced that those fluffy white clouds are the way to go for all of your computer storage needs.

The folks at SurDoc also understand us pet people, because many of their employees are owned by cats and have had a few disasters of their own when kitty walked across their keyboards, obliviously deleting precious files-haven't we all? (Hello? Would dogs do such a thing?)

Anyway, the folks at SurDoc have come up with a great list of ways to "Cat Proof" your computer, well short of eating barring your feline friend from your office, which we're happy to share with you below. They're also offering YOU, yes YOU, 30 GB of FREE storage with this coupon code: CATPROOF.

Cat-Proof Your Computer! 

97.2 percent of cat owners say their cat has deleted something by walking across their keyboard! 

Protect Your Cat by Preventing Chewing and Electrocution

1. Tie and Bundle Loose Cords
Enclose within plastic coverings wherever possible. Secure larger cords to the walls with clips. 

2. Spray Exposed Wires with Cat Repellent 
But be careful to keep moisture away from computer openings! 

3. Remove Peripheral Devices 
Remove devices you don’t use and put them away

4. Beware of Moving Parts! 
Avoid printers with exposed rollers because they can catch a cat’s tail and….yeow! 

Protect Your Computer 

1. Keep it Cool 
Turn off equipment before leaving the room. This helps keep it cool (and less inviting) 

2. Avoid Breakage 
Retract keyboard trays and letter trays on printers when not in use. Or, store keyboard upright. 

Close CD and DVD-ROM drawers. 

3. Keep the Computer Clear of Fur 
Fur clogs can cause your computer to work harder and overheat

Shut your laptop when not in use and put it away. Keep desktops under a plastic cover. 

Clean the fan, vent openings and any filters in your computer regularly. 

4. Prevent Spills - keep drinks, cats and computers apart 
Discourage cats from being near the computer. 

Place double-sided tape on the desk

Create a “safe zone,” such as a basket that is near you but not net to the computer. Or, put a cat tree close to your work station. 

Protect Your Files

1. Close Applications 
Close open applications before leaving your computer 

2. Auto-save
Set your programs to auto-save frequently

3. Install Paw Recognition Software
Programs like Pawsense teach your cat to stay off the keyboard. 

4. Back up Online 
Make sure you are using an online back up service like SurDoc – in case your cat accidentally “edits” or deletes a file. 

Percentage of Cat Owners Who Back up Their Computers Daily – 9%

Percentage Who Should Be – 100% 

Reminder: Use Coupon Code CATPROOF to get 30GB free at SurDoc.com 

We hope this information serves as a gentle reminder to always back up all of your computer files, and that you enjoy these "Cat Proofing" tips. And please notice there are no "Dog Proofing" tips, O.K.?


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