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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Are Your Pets Right Or Left Pawed? How To Test Them!

Photo courtesy of The Washington Post

Although testing your pet for his or her paw preference isn't exactly sweeping the country, Parental Unit thought it might be fun to "test" both Bella and me  to see if she could tell our preference-or if we even had one. This article in today's Washington Post helps pet parents do just that, with a few recommended tests that sound fun to me because most involve treats... And the article suggests that a pet parent perform the tests about 100 times over the course of several days to get an accurate sample. Hello? Those treats add up mighty fast-so get your parent to start testing you, pronto!

By the way, most vets and researchers agree that most of the animals tested, like dogs, cats and horses have a right or left preference-it usually comes out 50-50 with canines, for example. But this research with animals, as usual, serves to enhance the knowledge of neurological connections,genetics and sexual orientation in both humans and other animals, so besides some fun, it also serves a legitimate scientific purpose.

Have you ever tested your pet for left or right paw preference? Let us know!


Lorenza said...

I am not very sure but I guess I am right pawed!
Kisses and hugs

The Daily Pip said...

We will definitely give these tests a try and see what we come up with. It's pretty interesting.

Your pal, Pip

Unknown said...

That is really interesting. I am going to do the tests soon with Eva and Mika but I have a feeling that both of them are right pawed doggies : )

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