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Sunday, July 08, 2012

A Special Little Dog

Parental Unit was walking home from work last week and happened to see a couple in her neighborhood carrying an adorable little Westie down the stairs of their home. At first she thought the pooch was elderly and needed a bit of help maneuvering the stairs, but then she noticed that the guy was carrying a mini set of wheels... so of course, she stopped to chat with them, phone camera at the ready.

It turns out that this cute little gal had been rescued from years of breeding at a puppy mill, later adopted by these kind-hearted folks and been doing quite well for three or four years. Suddenly, just a little over a month ago, Ms. Westie (Parental Unit cannot remember the dog's name or the exact number of years the couple has had her!), suffered a ruptured disk which left her back legs paralyzed. They had just received her new set of wheels that day, and this was the very first time she was trying them out! We're happy to report that she took to them immediately and in no time, was happily leading her pet parents down the street.

Parental Unit was so excited that she got to witness this moment that she forgot to use her video recorder to nab a few seconds of the pooch on her first "walk", rather than just snapping a picture or two. But it was quite hot and she didn't want to bother the couple and their dog any more than she already had. By the way, the doctors that performed the surgery to repair (remove?) the ruptured disk said that the problem was likely the result of her years of breeding in tight quarters-aka a puppy mill.

We'll bring you updates on this little gal if Parental Unit can track down this family or at least run into them again (she can't even remember the name of the street where they met-such the problems of her advancing age!)

P.S. Please stay tuned later today for our usual Sunday segment, "Living With Your Pet" Tips.


A MilShelb Mom said...

Nice wheels!
~Milly and Shelby

Two French Bulldogs said...

That is a special pup
Benny & Lily

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