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Monday, July 16, 2012

"Living With Your Pet Tips:10 Top Dog Training Mistakes

No, it's not still Sunday...but since we posted yesterday about the Bloggers Challenge, and we had  some great dog training tips from the folks at Modern Dog, we just couldn't wait until next Sunday to share them with you!

Is your canine friend perfectly trained to come on command, stay (for more than two seconds), drop whatever and whenever you say, walk by your side with or without a leash? If so, then you are already a solid pack leader with a perfect dog, so read no further. What's that you say? Not only did you see Spot run, you saw him run away from you as you screamed his name? O.K. then, these dog training tips are for you-they're not just what to do but what not to do when training your dog.

Here's a few examples from these tips that we think are worth emphasizing: Don't repeat commands-once is all that should be needed for your pooch to obey; train for shorter periods of time and more frequently-work training into your day, like sitting for food and waiting at the door; train to your specific dog-observe his or her attention span, energy level, etc. and gear your training to those levels; you are inconsistent and/or not confident, you rely to heavily on food rewards-more often than not, the reward should be pleasing you...

What we particularly like about these tips is that they aren't just short blurbs like we've outlined here-the author takes the time to explain how to go about changing your behavior to better help you dog. And we all know that it's important to take the time to train your dog, at least in the basic commands, because listening to you could one day save your best friend's life. Besides that, dogs need mental stimulation in addition to physical exercise to keep them in peak condition, so...go for it!

P.S. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for our review of another great (and delicious) pet product from our friends at Mr. Chewy!


Unknown said...

Wow, this tips will help us a lot in training our dogs, thank you for sharing it to us.

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