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Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Living With Your Pet" Tips: Canine Water Safety

Pool Party! Since we've all been trying to cool off this summer, I bet you've taken Fido to a pool, maybe right in your own back yard, or even to a beach, with the ocean or lake beckoning you both. But as fun as swimming with your pooch may be, there's some routine safety precautions to take around water with your dog. We've culled these excellent tips from Dog Channel (Dog Fancy's online presence), for your summer safety.

                         Photo courtesy of Dog Channel

From "starting small" -why not let your pooch splash around in a kiddie pool to get used to his body in water before taking a bigger plunge, to investing in a life jacket for open bodies of water, and a Giardia vaccination for swimming in lakes and rivers, to showering off after a pool swim to remove chlorine residue, these tips appear to cover the gamut for canine water safety.

Just so you know...I'm not much of a swimmer and avoid water at all costs-I even jump over puddles because I don't like my paws wet! So with any luck, neither I nor Parental Unit will need these tips, but for you swimmers out there...read on!

P.S. Stay tuned later this evening for details about a very special book and Pinterest photo contest!


K-Koira said...

I made sure both my dogs could swim before ever taking them to a river with me. And, I have brought both of them into the pool at my mom's house and taught them where the steps are to get out, so that if they ever fall in while we are there, they know how to get back out again. Additionally, even though my dogs are good swimmers, I always have a life jacket for them if we are going boating or are going to be swimming in swift water, just in case.

Bocci said...

All great safety precautions, K-Koira! Thanks for sharing those with us and our readers!

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