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Friday, July 27, 2012

Helping Abandoned Pets: Let Us Count The Ways!

Rambo, formerly Sid, now fat and happy!

This article in the Los Angles Times is not just the heartwarming story of one rescued German shepherd named Rambo, but of the people who dedicate their lives to making sure as many abandoned dogs as possible find loving homes-and perhaps more importantly, what we all can do to help.

It turns out the author of this article, Rene Lynch, had just lost her 16 year old dog, and decided to adopt an older dog who need some extra care (we call humans like that "angels", right?). That's when she ran into Sid, an emaciated, and chronically smelly German shepherd, and decided he was the one-now re-named Rambo, he's fat, happy and a lot less stinky because of Rene's care.

This piece also contains a plethora of helpful tips on how to find the right shelter dog for you, and things you can do to help abandoned animals, shy of adopting or writing a check. And don't forget to watch the short video (tissues in hand), where Rene and others describe what it means to help abandoned animals.


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