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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday's "Living With Your Pet" Tips: Top 10 Dog (And Cat) Poisons!

This list of common household items, including some foods, can be extremely hazardous, if not deadly to your canine (and your feline, too!). The list was generously compiled by the Pet Poison Helpline. These represent the 10 most frequently reported dog poison emergencies in 2011, according to the Helpline's veterinary staff.

One basic precaution all pet owners should take is to "dog and cat proof" your home, similar to what you'd do for a baby or toddler. Specifically, make sure your trash has a tight-fitting lid or is stored in a locked cabinet. According to a recent survey of veterinary professionals, many of the dogs brought in for emergency veterinary care in the last year simply had gotten into the trash-and what ensued often was not pretty...and costly!

This list of poisons range from the usual suspects, like chocolate and raisins, to antidepressant human drugs, fertilizers, pest control products, and even veterinary pain relievers, if given incorrectly or for an extended period of time. And did you know that "a single acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol) tablet can be fatal to a cat"?

What we especially liked about this list is that includes a number of other, more specific links, like what to do if your dog eats rat poison, and a list of plants poisonous to canines.  As you know, we here at Bocci's Beefs believe that preparation and prevention are the two best medicines, so why not bookmark this site and post this number to the 24/7 Animal Poison Control Center right along with your other emergency numbers: 1-800 -213-6680.

And speaking of eating...but only good-for-you things like, oh, shortbread cookies, you have until 8:00 EST tonight to enter to win this adorable gift tin of Walkers "Scottie Dog" shortbread cookies! why not take a few minutes to enter now: www.boccibeefs.com/2012/05/walkers-shortbread-scotties-delicious.html.

Thanks and have a fun Sunday!


Two French Bulldogs said...

great tips, love the tin
Benny & Lily

Lorenza said...

It is very important to remember all the things that are bad for us!
Happy Sunday!
Kisses and hugs

Unknown said...

Thank you! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing, Bocci! This is really important.

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