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Monday, June 04, 2012

Calling All Scruffy Dogs: Enter the Benji Casting Call!

Who remembers this adorable fella? Yep, that's Benji from one of his many movies-starting with the original 1974 tale in which Benji and his companion help foil a kidnapping, while winning the hearts of millions of moviegoers. The original movie was written, produced and directed by Joe Camp, Jr. and now his son, Brandon Camp, is picking up where his dad left off with plans to update this wildly successful franchise with a brand new Benji film.

But here's the scoop: They need a new Benji, and they're casting their net far and wide via social media-trying to "reach dog owners who might have a perfect Benji of their own at home." The casting crew along with animal trainer Mark Forbes are also visiting shelters across the country in search of the perfect pooch, who, if anything like his predecessor, will have "a unique combination of adorable shaggy appearance, astounding intelligence and irresistible personality," says director Camp.

              Know anyone who fits this description...? Hello!

Anyway, Walden Media, the producer of the upcoming Benji movie, has set up a special Facebook page for you to submit photos and/or video of the loveable canine you think would make a fantastic Benji. Any dog can be entered-including personal pets and shelter dogs! Read the Casting Call Guidelines for more information on how to enter this fun contest.

Check out this photo of Benji mugging for laughs with one of his co-stars, Chevy Chase.

Parental Unit is going to enter me-why not enter your favorite canine?
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