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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cloning Your Pet: "Reality TV" Or Fiction?

Photo of Nina Otto (seated human) and her cloned dog, Lancelot Encore, courtesy of TLC Network and The New York Times

We loved this New York Times online article about the latest reality TV show, that actually started tonight on the TLC network. Get this: it's called: I Cloned My Pet 2" and follows different dog owners as they contemplate cloning their beloved dogs-one couple apparently has already cloned their pooch (see above photo) to the tune of $50,000-$100,000.

The writer says that the stories appear to be more about the pet owners that the idea of cloning, although "one pet owner consults a medium to find out her dead dog's opinion on whether she should clone him," at which point he stopped taking the show seriously. But how could anyone take this show seriously, for any amount of time? It's not necessarily the idea of cloning a pet that we're opposed to (although we think it's kind of creepy), but a "reality TV show about the subject? Too weird for us!

But are we too conventional in our thinking? Let us know how you feel.

In the meantime, stay tuned for an exciting announcement tomorrow afternoon!


Random Felines said...

here is the thing - cloning just sounds weird to us. you may be getting a dna same dog, but what about personality - isn't that what you loved the most?? besides....think of all the homeless animals that could put ALL THAT MONEY to good use.....some people are just weird. we understand grief, but still.....

K-Koira said...

Actually, the personality thing would make me interested (not that I would ever have the money to do this, short of winning the lottery). One of my dogs has serious fear issues, and I wonder if it is just part of her, or if something happened to cause them. A do-over with a genetically identical dog would be very interesting. Especially because she was my first dog, I learned a lot about what to do and what to avoid in dog training and day to day living. It would be really interesting to see what difference that would make in the dog I had.

Asta said...

While all ouw hoomans would love to keep us fuwwevew and having to say fawewell to a beloved family mambew, I think cloning(and the show) is a bad idea..thewe awe sooooo many dawling sweet pups who need a home out thewe and they wouldn't be a weplacement, but a testament to how much you loved yoow deew fwiend and want to give some of that love to anothew fuwwkid
smoochie kisses

Pamela said...

Have you read John Woestendiek's book, Dog, Inc? It's about the cloning industry. Very well written.

The book talked about one person who cloned a pet bull. The clone did not have the gentle personality of the original bull and seriously injured him.

I certainly understand the immense sorrow that comes from losing a pet. But it doesn't feel to me like these people really understand what they're doing. It's not bringing their pet back.

Bocci said...

Great comments, folks, you gave us lots to think about. That book sounds fascinating, Pamela-we hadn't heard of it, but would love to read it. We also hadn't thought (oddly) of how that money could go to helping shelters do their jobs or for spay/neuter.


Two French Bulldogs said...

cloning! Yikes
Benny & Lily

Lorenza said...

Yes. It is weird.
Kisses and hugs

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