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Friday, April 20, 2012

More Reasons Why We Love Mr. Chewy...

Or as one of our readers said, "Mr Chewy Rocks!" And we certainly agree, but exactly why do (not just one), but so many of our readers and pet parents around the country believe that Mr. Chewy is the next best thing to sliced bread-or in this case, pet food? Although there are always a myriad of reasons that a particular product or service catches on with customers, those reasons are usually substantive. You know as well as we do that in these penny-pinching and media savvy times, we human and pet customers have learned to look for substance over form, so a clever or colorful website or smart tag line won't even raise an eyebrow, let alone keep us coming back. We want an array of quality products, ease of searching and ordering, and super fast delivery, and we want it all, well, at least competitively priced.

Of course, we wouldn't dream of speaking for all of you Mr. Chewy fans out there, but Parental Unit thought she'd do a little "comparison shopping" of online pet retailers-she wanted to know why she immediately liked Mr. Chewy and had previously disdained other online sources for pet supplies. Although we were thrilled to welcome Mr. Chewy as a sponsor of Bocci's Beefs, we wouldn't have send "yes" if we couldn't genuinely tout their products and services. So here are just some of the results of our online window-shopping trip, and not surprisingly, we came back to many of our initial reactions-in other words, we trusted our "gut instincts" and our research proved us right!

1. Mr. Chewy's website isn't just well-designed-it's well-designed from the customer's perspective. If the idea of ordering pet food and supplies online is to make your life easier, why not find the pet food you want, or explore brands you might want, from an orderly, easy to read and use website? We think Mr. Chewy makes choosing and ordering food, super easy. Did you know that their site provides five different ways to search for the pet food and treats of your dreams, and five different ways to organize your search results? As Mr. Chewy says, "It's all up to you!" And best of all, (according to Parental Unit who hates clutter), the site is super easy to navigate and read-it's the antithesis of clutter!

2. Although Mr. Chewy's pet food and treat brands run the gamut from "premium, pet boutique" brands to the good old dependable pet food found in supermarkets, they stock almost every premium brand out there, including a dehydrated raw brand that we previously sampled and loved. And because their site is uncluttered and easy to navigate, it's just that much easier to scour the ingredient lists and prices to comparison shop.

3. Mr Chewy immediately established a donation program based on referrals -"Every good turn deserves another", is a company philosophy we admire! For every new friend that each customer refers, Mr Chewy generously donates $10 to one of their partner charities of your choice-and there's no limit to your referrals or donations-"Shout it from the rooftops!" says Mr. Chewy-and he means it! What's not to love about that?

P.S. Most of us know that buying larger packages saves money, but many of us hesitate to do so because we know we'll have to lug that big bag from the store to the car, and out of the car into our homes, along with all of the other groceries we purchased...and some pet parents aren't as young as they used to be. And besides, it's not that much savings, right? But here's what Parental Unit saves by getting the largest size of my food available, delivered right to our door: By purchasing the 29.7 pound bag, rather than the smallest bag available (5.5 pounds), Parental Unit saves $29.15 every four months-that's $93.28/year and nearly $1,500 over an average canine lifetime-more than pocket change we say!

                        Yep, that's my food all right...


Unknown said...

Aww, so lucky! How I wish Mr Chewy would visit me too but Mom said Mr Chewy didn't come over here.

Bocci said...

That's true-they don't deliver outside of the U.S. ....yet!

Sagira said...

We did a review of Mr. Chewy and really liked them. Mom even chatted online with them at all hours of the night, BOL. Enjoy your food. :)

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