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Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Living With Your Pet" Tips: What You Must Know Before Your Pet "Goes Under"

If you're planning to have a procedure that requires your beloved pet to "go under" anesthesia (which can be as simple as a routine dental cleaning) or heaven forbid, your pet has an accident requiring him or her to have surgery, you'll want to prepare by reading this article by Dr. Karen Becker. As usual, Dr. Becker doesn't just skim the surface-she goes into great detail about the new dog and cat anesthesia guidelines published by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), and the "phases of the anesthesia process", that include: a pre-anesthetic evaluation, patient preparation, preparation of an individualized anesthetic plan, administering pre-anesthetic pain medications, if necessary, and the recovery period.

We hope you find this article as helpful, and as reassuring as we did.


Two French Bulldogs said...

every buddy should learn all these things first
Benny & Lily

Lorenza said...

Thanks for sharing it.
I have had 3 surgeries that requiered to go under anesthesia.... and I hope never again!
Happy Sunday!
Kisses and hugs

Unknown said...

That is an important info for everyone! Thanks for sharing, Bocci!

Bocci said...

We always feel that it's better to be as informed as possible before something as major as surgery-and that we shouldn't hesitate to ask our vet questions. Glad that you found this information helpful-we did too!

Pup Fan said...

Thanks for the tip! Heading over to read it now.

kennels long island said...

I'll be sure to keep this in mind, thank you very much for sharing these tips.

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