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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Top Ten Hollywood Hounds...And Pet Spending Goes Through The Roof!

Photo of Lassie courtesy of  Cesar's Way

We were entranced by this list of "The 10 Top Hollywood Dogs" on Cesar Millan's website, and the scoop on how they made it big-can you guess which canine is number one? Yep, I'm sure you all shouted "Lassie" in unison! Of course, Rin Tin Tin made the top ten, too, but I'll bet you'll be surprised at a few of the others. We don't know who compiled this list, but it sure is a fun read.

And speaking of pampered pooches (and that means you), we ran across this piece on the Huffington Post, announcing the latest figures for what Americans spend on their pets. Get this: in 2011, it crossed the $50 billion threshold! Although food and vet costs accounted for about 65% of the spending, the "service category" like grooming boarding and day care is what grew the most-to a whopping $3.79 billion.  And the president of the American Pet Products Association expects this type of spending to only increase.

Although Parental Unit buys me very high quality food that's pretty darn expensive, I've yet to go to a groomer or doggie day care-I'm pretty low maintenance. How about you? Have you blown your budget on your pets? Let us know.
                      We look low maintenance, don't we?


Kolchak Puggle said...

Koly & Fe are pretty darn expensive! Fe has allergies so he eats super expensive food, plus a few high quality human supplements. He needs to go to the groomer, so that costs too. Koly is more low maintenance, but he kills toys like it's going out of style.

Unknown said...

Say NO to groomers! I never understand why humans like that place, ME no!!!

Well, I do think they spend on me more than they spend on themselves but what to do, I'm THE princess!!

You both look good to me in the picture.


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