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Sunday, March 18, 2012

More "Living With Your Pet" Tips And A Very Special Video

We're a tad late in getting these "Easy Like Sunday Morning" pet tips to you today-it''s more like, "Easy Like Late Sunday Afternoon"! But pull up a chair and enjoy reading this important overview of spot-on flea and tick control from one of our favorite holistic veterinarians, Dr. Karen Becker. Although Dr. Becker has some serious concerns about these medications, she realizes that they may be necessary in some situations and provides practical tips to minimize your pet's exposure to them.

Speaking for Parental Unit and me (don't I always?), these monthly flea and tick control medications have been real lifesavers for us here in the hot, humid Midwest. Parental Unit remembers the "old days" when pets and their frustrated owners only had those smelly flea collars, which she swears to this day, attracted, not repelled the fleas. And she also not-so-fondly recalls having to "bomb" her apartment after one particularly nasty flea infestation. But the fact remains that you pet parents are applying insecticides directly to our skin, so not only should precautions be taken, but the applications themselves should be minimized to the best of our combined abilities. And Dr. Becker's tips provide invaluable ways to do just that.

And in today's edition of Cesar Millan's newsletter, he's written a beautiful story about the effects of bullying on today's youth, told through the eyes of a very special 14 year old boy, and Cesar himself.

        Photo of Cesar Millan and Junior courtesy of Cesar's Way
It's hard to believe that the calm, assertive Dog Whisperer himself was ever bullied, but indeed he was, as he recounts in this very personal story. But he's helping others stand strong against bullying with the It Gets Better Project and video-and we think this is great! Enjoy the video below:


Two French Bulldogs said...

Cesar rocks!
Benny & Lily

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Thank you for the link to the article! Last month we had to switch our topical product because the first one was not working at all anymore. I hate using a topical one (I worry a lot about over-medicating, over-vaccinating, etc) but with all the new places Layla goes to for trials we need heavy protection. I did a LOT of research before switching, primarily because I was worried about a reaction, but also because it is not to be used near cats and we do have a cat in the house. I just keep her away from the dogs (literally lock her in her room - harsh, but better than dying or being poisoned) for 24 hours after I apply it. So far so good. You're right to post that though, people aren't as aware as they should be about what is in the topical flea medications. We had several clients at the vet hospital who had issues with that.

Unknown said...

Mika always has some flea and tick problems on and off, I hope some of the meds can help this time.

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