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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Easy Like Sunday..."Living with Your Pet" Tips

We thought that Sunday would be a good day to start a new regular feature here at Bocci's Beefs: We'll do our best to cull the most important, interesting and unique, "Living With Your Pet" tips from around the globe (or from a book or website), as the case may be.

We want to make this easy, well, "easy like Sunday morning", for our readers. So just check in with Bocci's Beefs every Sunday, sit back with that second or third cup of java, and read the tips we've curated just for you. We'll start today with some excellent ideas from right here at home-turns out that it's Martha Stewart's home-but nonetheless, we think these well-thought-out tips for traveling with your pet from Martha Stewart's website, will help the next time you take Fido or Fluffy on the road. These caught our eye, and in fact Parental Unit just printed them, because we're hoping to go on a road trip together this summer-we'll keep you updated!

We think the most important bit of information here is to first access whether your pet is up to any kind of trip...and secondly, to prepare both physically and mentally if your pet should get lost: have an action plan jotted down to consult, invest in a microchip, bring along a recent photo of your furkid, and keep both the plan and the photo stored in a safe, but easily accessible place.

And while you're checking out this article, take a gander at the adorable photo Ms. Stewart chose to accompany it-see below.

Do you recognize it? A version of this photo, we think, graces the cover of the Dutch edition of composer/author, Alan Lazar's amazing novel, Roam, that we were honored to review here on Bocci's Beefs just a few months ago. Check that post our here (we're proud to say that it includes an exclusive interview with the author!): www.boccibeefs.com/2011/12/roam-were-giving-away-one-copy-of-this.html

By the way, here's the cover photo of the Dutch edition of Roam. Same photo????


Golden Daily Scoop said...

Wait a minute?!?!? Humans can travel with their pet??!??! Someone has a lot of explaining to do!!!

p.s. great info :0)

Bocci said...

Hahaha! Love that Miley. Start packin' your suitcase-your Parental Unit has some making up to do, too!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Momma always says "I'll be right back." now we know we're suppose to go
Benny & Lily

Unknown said...

Love your picture, Bocci. You look like a scholar!

Bocci said...

I am quite scholarly, you know:-)

Bassetmomma said...

Your looking pretty smart there Bocci. I was the winner of that Roam book and I loved it! Thanks again! That photo is the same!

Bocci said...

Hi BassettMomma,

So very glad you loved that book-I'll never forget it! Did you listen to the music?

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

great idea for the blog...sadly I usually don't read blogs on Sundays...but I think it is a great idea!

The dog in that photo sort of looks like he is part Sheltie!

Renee and Mugs said...

Uh, not the same photo unless they reversed it and photoshopped out the leash
and the dark area on the upper left. But, the dog's facial markings do NOT match.

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