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Friday, February 03, 2012

Six New Dog Breeds To Be Introduced At Westminster This Year

American English coonhound-One of 6 new breeds at the 2012 Westminster Dog Show

But don't expect any of these newbies to pull off a victory this year. The rookie breed that was honored with Best in Show the quickest was the Bichon Frise-who took 27 years from the time it was introduced in 1974 to nab the title.

 Check out the descriptions of these six new breeds along with a slide show here: www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/24/westminster-kennel-club-dog-show-2012_n_1228192.html#s634885&title=Also_On_The

There will be a total of 185 breeds competing in this year's Westminster Kennel Club Dog show airing on February 13-14 on the USA channel. Although we tend to favor the good old American Mutt, we still enjoy learning about the history of each breed and seeing these beautiful canines strut their stuff.

Let us know if you plan to tune in and what breed or breeds you'll be rooting for.


The Daily Pip said...

Well, this guy is certainly a handsome fella (or gal).

Your pal, Pip

Of Pit Bulls and Patience said...

I love watching the show! I always root for the dogs that aren't just show dogs, but they're doing the work their breeds were meant to do. Those pups are more than just a pretty face!

Bocci said...

Yes, it's invigorating to know that so many of these "show dogs" have jobs! Stay tuned for a post on that very issue in the coming week!

Helen P. said...

Oh the Lundehund! I met this breed for the first time last year at a local dog show in Denver. It was so interesting to see such an old breed wasn't recognized yet(probably because they are very rare!) I got a first hand demonstration of how a Lundehund is able to contort it's neck so that it can turn around in little puffin caves. So cool.

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