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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Providing For Yor Pets After You're Gone

Photo courtesy of Alyson Martin & The New York Times

"Movies are one of the three things that keep people awake in the dark, the other two being boogeymen, and debates about which pet to include in the inheritance."
                                                                                     Groupon advertisement for discounted movie tickets.

Groupon's humor and timing were impeccable in this case, because we received this inventive pitch for AMC Theater movie tickets just after we read a post on The New York Times Health and Wellness Blog discussing the importance of securing a caretaker for your pet in the event you predecease Fido or Fluffy. 

In fact, this piece recommends a document called a "pet trust" if at all possible, that specifies exactly where and with whom your beloved pets will live and provides money for their care. It also describes some vivid, if not depressing examples of what can happen if provision for your pets' care is not properly planned: the caregiver who verbally agreed to care for your pet reneges on the promise and sends your beloved companion to a shelter, and/or the designated caregiver is just too overwhelmed with the responsibility to follow through, among a myriad of other factors that can come between your pets' named caregiver and the actual care giving.

Although pet trusts are not recognized in all states, leaving instructions for the care of your pet in a will doesn't always work either-your will can state how property will be dispersed (yes, we living, breathing, loving creatures are considered nothing but property-akin to a toaster-under the law), but it can't enforce how the pet will be cared for, if at all. Remember: if you inherit an ugly necklace from Aunt Milly, you can choose to drop it in the trash. While it is considered animal cruelty under all state law to abandon an animal in the trash, there's nothing stopping you from taking Aunt Milly's pet to a shelter...with the only reprisal a possible visit from Aunt Milly's angry ghost.

Admittedly, Parental Unit has not officially provided for my care in the case of her early demise, but vows to do that after reading this article. How about you? Have any of you officially provided for the care of your pet in case of your sudden departure? We'd love to know.


A MilShelb Mom said...

This is a good post! Mom and Dad are leaving us to our Gma and Gpa. (Let's just hope we don't have to go live there, though, because they do NOT like it when we potty on the floor!)
~Milly and Shelby

Asta said...

that is tewwibully impawtant advice
Mommi wakes up in the middle of the night wowwying about what would happen to me. she has made awwangements, but I hope she'll be hewe wif me fuwwevew.
Mommi would nevew let those chaiws behind and neithew would I cause it's my spot fow sitting. Someday, when she has some money, she needs to get them wee upholstewed, but she would want them just the same as befowe
thanks fow visiting me bocci, even though, I've been not good about coming wound. This move has taken up way too much time
smoochie kisses

Donna said...

Mah hoomans has investments and stuff. The other peoples in mah famlee will help if they need to.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post! I hadn't really thought about it to be honest, but I still keep in contact with Kyuss' breeders. I know they would take him back in a heartbeat if something happened. They might not be able to keep him as they already have 5 of their own dogs, but I know they would find a loving home for him.

Take care!

Unknown said...

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