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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monday Musings Round-Up: Dog Versus Glove

First, we really appreciate your comments, and we think we could write a book just debating the "who's in control" issue when it comes to pets and their owners (and their owner's possessions). Of course, Parental Unit always blames herself first when something like this happens, and she's still worried that a piece of that leather or cashmere has gotten stuck in my intestines somewhere and will require surgery to extract (kindly remember my predecessor, Carson the Wire Fox terrier, who racked up $12,000 in surgery bills).

So, we're not quite out of the danger stage yet (paws crossed!). But here's what happened, and what Parental Unit continues to ponder: does she have to remember to "hide' everything, every day, for the rest of our time together, or will I one day realize (with her training and encouragement) what is O.K. to play with and what is off limits? Keep in mind that it's not just me-Bella, our feline companion can go where no dog can, and she happily bats delicious (I mean Parental Unit's stuff) off counters everywhere (see long list of things I've destroyed on right sidebar-many of those feats were in partnership with Bella).

On this occasion, Parental Unit placed the leather gloves in question inside the sleeve of her coat (as she's trained to do) and placed the coat over the arm of a chair to dry out before she hung it up. Apparently, at least one glove slipped out of the coat to the floor...

So her question is: how many years must pass before she can expect to just trust me? Or will that day never come?
If you've got an answer, let us know! In the meantime, we continue to ponder...

Stay tuned for our second Treasure Buddies giveaway coming later this afternoon!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Momma calls it Lily proofing the house, BOL. But I'm good
Benny & Lily

Duke said...

Dad puts his gloves on the bench inside our back door every single day and Mitch and I never touch them so there's hope for you, Bocci!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Bocci said...

Thanks folks-that's what PU calls it "B & B proofing the house!

And your words have given us a ray of hope, Maggie and Mitch-since we're both terriers (at least I'm part terrier and that's what PU blamed it on!), if you two can be that good, so can I!

Renee and Mugs said...

It's up to you as the owner to dog proof your house. The glove slipping out of
the sleeve was not your fault. You can train Bocci using leather gloves, etc.
so he knows he is absolutely not supposed to touch them, but prevention is best.

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