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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rising Dog Population in San Francisco Causes Spats

Photo of San Francisco dog walker courtesy of The New York Times

According to this New York Times article, tensions are rising in the Golden Gate city over... believe it or not, our canine friends. How could dogs cause a problem, we Fido lovers ask? It seems that the number of canines is greater than the number of children in San Francisco-but that's not what's causing the tiff. Rather, it seems to be the lack of regulations to help dog owners set boundaries for their canines' behavior, both indoors an out.

San Franciscans are notably protective of their scenic beauty, and proposals are in the works to restrict off-leash dog areas in their beloved Golden Gate National Recreation Area-national park land within the city boundaries-because our canine friends have been known to, ahem, "destroy" the natural habitats and species.

So, what do you think is a fair solution-in San Francisco and other city's around the world?  How do we strike the right balance among dogs and their owners, non-dog owners, and the natural and scenic areas that we all realize must be protected, but where canines and their human companions love to roam?

We'd love to hear what you think!

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Anonymous said...

I dunno what the answer is, but I do hope they come to some agreement soon. I have found when disagreements involve the behavior of dogs, it's the dogs that can suffer, so coming to a decision soon is of utmost importance.

Joyce said...

The link didn't work.. my idea? Rotating dog parks.. declare a park ( with safe boundaries of course, natural or construction movable fencing) dog park of the week or month. then move it so that both owners and sorry folks( those w/out dogs)
can enjoy privacy and surroundings that are not overused. It is like city crop rotation. Here iin seattle we NEED some dogs at some of the parks overrun w/ geese.. win/win community service in my book.

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