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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mr. Chewy: New Online Pet Retailer Really Delivers!

We were recently contacted by a representative of Mr. Chewy.com, a new online pet retailer, to write a review of their ordering process in exchange for a gift card to their site. Now, I would have agreed immediately because there was food involved, but in keeping with Parental Unit's strict policy of providing "air time" on Bocci's Beefs for only those companies that both give back in some way to the pet community, and sell products or services that meet our strict "highbrow" standards, she did some preliminary investigating of Mr. Chewy...and what she discovered pleased her. First, she checked out what products they sold: at this time, Mr. Chewy sells over 70 brands of dog and cat food and treats, most of which are what we believe to be higher quality, premium brands, including both the dog and cat food that Bella and I eat. She also noticed that the company already has a "donation program" in place: for every friend that each person with a Mr. Chewy's account refers to their site and who purchases a product, that referral automatically receives 10% off their first order and the company donates $10 to the "partner charity"(we presume pet-related charity) of that person' choice. Learn more about Mr. Chewy's referral and donation program here: www.mrchewy.com/app/account/about/referrals

On to the ordering process! Although Parental Unit does lots of work online, she doesn't do much ordering of goods to be delivered, particularly not food, because for her, just calling to order or going to the store is what she's used to-but the light's beginning to dawn: it can be easier, faster and less expensive to order products online and have them delivered to our door, especially when we're talking about a 30 pound bag of dog food.

Here's what she particularly loved about Mr. Chewy's website: the print was large enough for her to read easily, and different types of products were marked with different colors - this combination makes understanding what the heck the retailer is selling and how to purchase what they're selling a lot easier! (This may sound like common sense, but if you look at other online retailers, their sites simply aren't designed to make things easy for the customer).

Another excellent feature is that their products are listed BOTH in broad categories, like dog food or cat food, so you can research all the brands they sell and read ingredients lists, AND by specific brand-so if you already know what brand you want to order, it's just one click to get there. Once you've created an account and completed your purchasing, your just two clicks away from finalizing your order. And by the way, shipping is always free with orders over $49, and you can schedule regular shipments, so you never run out of food for your furkids.

And here's a touch that made Parental Unit especially happy: you don't have to hire a private investigator to find their phone number! It's right there on the first page (in fact, on each page) of their website: 1-800-Mr-Chewy ( 1-800 672 4399). And you know, sometimes you just have a question and want to talk with a human. So Parental Unit, being the curious sort, called before she completed her order and immediately reached a live human, and in fact, chatted briefly with Mr. Chewy's Director of Operations, Alan Attal. He confirmed that indeed, the company's mission is "to make buying pet food online as easy as possible."

Here's how it worked for our order: Parental Unit purchased one 29.7 pound bag of dog food (with full discount code, courtesy of Mr. Chewy) on December 6. At check out, she received an order confirmation which she printed for our records. On December 7, we received an e-mail with a summary of our order, an order number, and the FedEx Home Delivery tracking code. We received our order on December 8th!

The food was packed in a sturdy, well-fitting box with a packing slip summarizing our order.

Yep, this is my food, alright.

Parental Unit and I were extremely pleased with Mr. Chewy's customer friendly website, simple ordering process, and quick as lightening delivery. We officially give Mr. Chewy a two thumbs and four paws up!


Pamela said...

I also heard from Mr. Chewy's and have been seeing their ads all over the internet.

Thanks for doing the research into their "giving back." It's nice to hear.

Michelle Spayde said...

Hey, I know that bag of food! :-) This is the first that I've heard of Mr. Chewy's, so I'll have to go check out the site.

Unknown said...

We know a smart sheltie boy called Chewy too!!!

Donna said...

That looks neat! I will try them. :)

Shanna @ Mr. Chewy said...

Thank you so much for this PAWSOME review, Bocci! We're so glad that you and your Parental Unit enjoyed your experience with Mr. Chewy! We're now open 24/7, so please feel free to call, chat or email us if you ever have questions or need assistance! We're always here and happy to help. Thanks again!!

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