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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FURminator Deshedding Tools: Review and Giveaway!

We've had a love affair with FURminator products for quite awhile now-ever since Parental Unit's sister gave her a FURminator for her 50th birthday, way back in the summer of 2008-to go along with her real present: me, her first shedding dog!

Since that time, we've been fortunate enough to do reviews and giveaways of two FURminator products: the updated version of their deshedding tool for dogs, with an ergonomic handle and hair release button, and the new FURDRY Towel. We also participated in National Hairball Awareness Day this spring and tried out FURminator's new line of deshedding tools for cats. Feel free to review these past posts to see what we had to say about these remarkable tools.

Note: As a thank-you for our participation in Hairball Awareness Day, we received a FURminator designed just for small, short-haired cats, like our Bella. We have not been specifically compensated for today's post, other than the giveaway of one FURminator deshedding tool to our readers, and all of the opinions in this post are our own and from first-hand use of these tools.

We thought the best way to conduct this review is to simply discuss FURminator's most advanced line of deshedding tools and why we love the ones we've tried so far...and we'll add a few photos for proof that that they work!

But first, here are some pictures of the newest tools in their line-all dressed up for the holidays.

FURminators for dogs.
And for the felines in your life...

Now, here's how FURminator has chosen to diversify their product line to best suit the grooming needs of your pet:
There are 10 different deshedding tools for adult dogs, five tools for long-haired dogs (hair length over 2"), based on the size of your dog, from giant to toy. Short-haired canines (hair length under 2") also have these same five, different sized tools, so it makes it super easy to get exactly the right tool for your pooch. Me? I'm a size medium tool for long-haired dogs.

Here's a photo of my fur (we realize that technically, the words "fur" and "hair aren't interchangable, but they are for purposes of this post), after grooming with a regular slicker brush (L) and with the
FURminator (R).  Same number of gentle but firm strokes used.

For the cats in your life, FURminator has divided its deshedding tools into two categories: one for long-haired cats (hair length over 2") and short-haired cats (hair length under 2"). For each category they have two tools, one for small and one for large felines. Bella uses a size small FURminator for short-haired kitties.

And here's a photo of Bella's "FURminated" coat: Regular brush (L) and FURminator (R). Again, same number of strokes used.

Because Parental Unit used two different FURminator deshedding tools on Bella (before she received the new small, short-haired and feline-specific FURminator for Hairball Awareness Day, she had used my size medium, FURminator for long-haired dogs on Bella), she can attest to the difference. While my FURminator did work on Bella, it is much easier to use the tool properly designed for a small, short-haired cat, and the results are noticeably improved.

Note: FURminator also makes two deshedding tools specifically for puppies and kittens, with extra gentle grooming edges. And...they haven't forgotten other small pets-there's a FURminator for rabbits and ferrets, too!

So why do we love our FURminator deshedding tools? Three major reasons:

__the FURminator's patented stainless steel blade removes a ton of your pets' undercoat, much more than regular combs or brushes, which means a lot less hair on you and your furniture (or collecting in the corners of your floor), and seems to actually decrease future shedding-if you use the FURminator correctly and regularly, there's just a lot less hair to shed.

__ Regular "FURminating" keeps your pet cleaner-in our opinion, much more so that regular brushing and combing: It removes not only excess hair, but dander and dirt particles attached to the undercoat. According to Parental Unit, my regular groomings in between baths, particularly the FURminating, keep me smelling a lot fresher. (Which is a boon for me because this means fewer of those dreaded baths!)

__ FURminating your cat helps prevent those nasty hairballs! We all know that felines are self-grooming creatures, but the more hair they swallow while cleaning themselves, the more likely hairballs are to form, possibly causing vomiting and/or intestinal obstructions that must be surgically removed. The more hair that a cat owner removes for them, the less they swallow, and as we've shown, the FURminator removes a ton of hair. And by the way, Bella loves to be "FURminated"! She must enjoy the way it feels because when Parental Unit brings out the grooming bag, she's the first one in line, purring all the while.

If you want additional information, check out FURminator's excellent website, or contact the company at: consumerservice@FURminator.comor just pick up the phone: 1-888-283-1620.

Now how do you win one of these amazing grooming tools for your pet?

As usual, we here at Bocci's Beefs make it easy to enter-we don't want you to spend all day filling out forms galore just to enter our giveaway. We do have a few simple requirements to enter, however, that should take you no more than two minutes. This giveaway will run from tonight, Tuesday December 20th, through Wednesday evening December 28th at 7:00 pm EST, so you and all of your friends will have plenty of time to enter. The winner will be chosen by computerized random drawing and announced within 24 hours of the evening of December 28th. How's that?!

Here are the few simple requirements to enter: Just complete ALL of the sign-ups listed below and then leave ONE COMMENT per person.

1. Sign up for our free e-mail blasts, newsletters and coupons-see very top of left sidebar for form.

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5. Comment on this post and indicate in your ONE comment that you'd like to enter this giveaway.

That's it! Good luck to all of you!


Peggy Frezon said...

We have a Furminator, they work great!

Duke said...

We won the furdry towel and we couldn't be happier with it. It works great!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Sunnymay said...

Cats and dogs will be happy for their owners to have a tool that works when they sneak up on furniture leaving fur behind. I do so like to enter this giveaway.

Anonymous said...

I am already signed up for the e-mail blasts, newsletters and coupons
I am already a follower on Twitter.
I already like you on facebook.

I would love to try the FURminator for my dogs. I am enter the giveaway!
Sharon Gilbert - sjgilbert@aol.com

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Olivia R said...

love to win one for my labrador retriever.

tamathamc said...

tried to subscribe to email but it errors out, am a new follower & like you with last name hunter; I have 3 dogs so you can imagine how bad we need one

Anonymous said...

I thank you for the change to win this for my dog. Please enter me. ybutler@oppcatv.com

kellyr78 said...
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I signed up for the email, liked you on Facebook and Followed you on Twitter, GFC and Google+. I definitely would like to win this

kellyr78 said...
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kellyr78 said...
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PowerSweepstaking said...

i would indeed like to enter, I subscribed, liked, followed, followed and followed!

Maegan Morin said...

I would like to enter and I would love to win this!! I have two long haired cats in this house and its hard to keep up with them!

I like Bocci on facebook (same name)
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Thanks for the entry. Would def. like to be in the running. :)

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