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Friday, November 18, 2011

EO Doggie Grooming Products: Review and Giveway!

We were thrilled to receive a trio of EO's pet grooming products in one nifty gift box, and to have the opportunity to give one of these gifts to a lucky reader! 
*See instructions to enter at the end of this post*

* But if you're not feeling lucky...remember that EO pet grooming products are 50% through Sunday November 20th!*

Note: We received this gift box with three pet grooming products as described below, to enable us to complete this review and post. We received no other compensation, and all of the opinions are our own.

What you'll get: 
__One 16 oz, lavender and aloe natural shampoo for all fur types;
__ One 16 oz, lavender and aloe natural conditioner for all fur types;
__ One 8 oz, citrus and mint natural groomer for all fur types, to freshen, detangle and condition your dog's coat between shampoos and,
__ One covered-in-paw-prints box that is sturdy enough to store this trio of products or whatever pet supplies you'd like.

Hmmm. These look interesting...(Notice how Ms. Bella, sticks her nose into everything!)

A little bit about this fabulous company, EO Products: And we do mean fabulous! Why? Because according to the information provided on their website, it's a family owned and operated, Certified Organic business dedicated to creating personal care products for humans and canines, that are free from synthetic ingredients made in a laboratory, like artificial colors, dyes or fragrances. Rather, EO products are based on essential oils (they sow and harvest their own proprietary botanicals), whose formulas are based on researched herbal and aromatherapy knowledge. Even their bottles and packaging are made from recycled materials. These philosophies are important to us because we want to use our hard-earned dollars to support companies who support sustainability practices, plain and simple. And of course, we prefer to use organic, natural products whenever possible.

*Note: We understand and appreciate that this quick overview of EO's philosphies and practices is just that. We encourage you to visit the EO website which has an excellent library of information on organic practices, essential oils and even a "green glossary" so you can understand what you're reading! But don't stop there, we also encourage you to do your own research about all things "green", including the issue of sustainable manufacturing practices. You'll be glad you did.*

The Review: Unfortunately, this meant a bath for me...Now, you all know that I hate baths, but they're a necessary evil, right?

Can you believe she's stopping right in the middle of lathering me up to snap a photo?

Anyway, I'll let Parental Unit take over for awhile...

First, I loved the scent-who doesn't love lavender? But it was very gently scented, nothing overwhelming like you often get with synthetic fragrances. And it lathered well, but again, nothing overwhelming, like big amounts of froth that serve no purpose but to get in your dog's eyes.

 I also was very pleased with the shampoo's cleaning ability. I did do two shampoos (much to Bocci's dismay), but that's only because I'm a tad compulsive-he was quite clean and fresh smelling after the first shampoo. Important note: the shampoo was very light textured and rinsed out very quickly and easily- a boon for those who don't have a movable shower head with which to bathe their dogs, like us.

I even used a bit of the shampoo to wash Bocci's collar and harness (told ya I was compulsive).

On to the conditioner! Again, very lightly scented, but rich, thick and creamy, just like you hope a conditioner will be. In fact, I'm planning to try it on my hair...

Kinda difficult to see its texture in this photo, but can you tell that it holds its shape and doesn't run down my hand? That equals rich, thick and creamy!

Finally, I rinsed out the conditioner and dried Bocci as thoroughly as he'd let me. And then he was off to do his "shaking and rubbing on the carpet thing", which he does after every bath, regardless of the quality of the shampoo and conditioner:-).  Needless to say, he puts on a great show...



And roll like crazy! You'd think I trained him for work at our local fire department...

And here's Bocci, all fluffy, clean and soft...and hair parted naturally down the middle, for some reason.

We easily give the company and the shampoo and conditioner a four paws up! We loved the light, natural scent, and lathering and cleaning properties of the shampoo, and the lightly scented, creamy and softening properties of the conditioner. Note: The day before Bocci's bath, I sprayed his brush and his coat (a few times) with the light and deliciously scented grooming spray and brushed him thoroughly. It did freshen him up and smooth and soften his coat. Since I only have the energy to bath Bocci once a month or so, I'm sure I'll put this groomer to frequent use.

We also noted two, post-bath results:
__Bocci's coat dried much more quickly than usual (it wasn't his carpet rubbing antics, because he does that after every bath). We think this is a good thing, but can't explain why it happened.

__ Although it's only been two days, Bocci does seem to be itching quite a bit less, which is another good thing!

Now the moment you've all been waiting for...the opportunity to win your very own, full size gift set of EO Products dog grooming essentials!

And as usual, we here at Bocci's Beefs make it easy to enter-we don't want you to spend all day filling out forms galore just to enter our giveaway. We do have a few simple requirements to enter, however, that should take you no more than two minutes. This giveaway will run from tonight, Friday November 18th, through Tuesday evening November 29th at 7:00 pm EST, so you and all of your friends will have plenty of time to enter. The winner will be chosen by computerized random drawing and announced within 24 hours of the evening of November 29. How's that?!

Here are the few simple requirements to enter: Just complete ALL of the sign-ups listed below and then leave ONE COMMENT per person.

1. Sign up for our new e-mail blasts and newsletters-see very top of left sidebar for form.

2.  "Like" Bocci's Beefs Facebook Page-see top of right sidebar, directly under the "Search this blog" icon.

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4. "Follow" Bocci's Beefs on both Google Friends Connect and Networked Blogs. See right sidebar, under the Twitter sign-up.

5. Comment on this post and indicate in your one comment that you'd like to enter this giveaway.

That's it! Good luck to all of you!


Stacy said...

I'd like to enter this giveaway! I have 3 pups and could really use this! I've met all entry requirements!


Peggy Frezon said...

Kelly does the same thing after her baths! And worse, being in all that water makes her need to go outside...fast! Soaking wet! We'd love to enter this giveaway, we like, blast, follow, tweet!

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! LOVE LAVENDER scent ... A bath is not so bad to review a product. Happy BLOG HOP Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Sage said...

I LOVE EO products, but didn't know they had a line of dog products. I'll have to look for them!

Unknown said...

lavender and aloe would sure smell nice.

Cynthia Downer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cynthia Downer said...

Sounds like it smells wonderful. :) I'd like to enter the giveaway.




Sagira said...

I would like to enter. If Bokeh becomes a therapy dog he is going to be getting a lot of baths and this sounds like it would work great on him.

I love that you say they are a family owned company, it is hard to find smaller companies that are built up from family and have good products to offer.

I love that Bocci gets the after bath craziness like Sagira does and what a great idea about spraying the grooming spray on the brush instead of just on the fur directly, we will have to give that a try with Bokeh. :)

Gloria Walshver said...

i use baby shampoo for my dog that's why I'd really want to win.

Olivia Rubin said...

I would love to try some organic grooming products on my lab

Olivia Rubin said...


just tweeted

Brittany Boardley said...

Awesome giveaway!!!

gfc/fb name:Brittany Boardley Renaldi



Michelle Spayde said...

I've completed all of the signup requirements, and would like to enter the giveaway!

Facebook, GFC, & Networked Blogs - Michelle Spayde
Twitter - Arniebelle
Email - spayde.michelle@gmail.com

Thank you!

Gloria Walshver said...

I really could use these products for my dog.

Gloria Walshver said...

I'm a subscriber.

Gloria Walshver said...

I follow you with Google Friend connect

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