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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Nothing To Do With Pets...But With Everything Else.

We couldn't let this day pass without our small tribute to a really cool guy: the late Steve Jobs, who left his family and the company he loved, and the world that he touched with his magical products, way too young. Even though we knew he was gravely ill, we were still shocked to hear the news of his passing  yesterday evening.

If you recall, when he took yet another medical leave this past January, we wrote a short post to wish him well, and we chose to include the full version of his 2005 commencement address to Stanford University students. In case you missed it, we urge you to spend a few minutes to watch this address as your time allows. It's powerful messages, particularly his exhortations to live each day as if it were your last, are that much more poignant today. www.boccibeefs.com/2011/01/compelling-commencement-address.html

Parental Unit would like to take a second to reminisce: In the late 1980's, after Jobs had been ousted from Apple and founded another computer company called NeXT, he came to Columbus, Ohio, to speak on a business panel, and the discussion was open to the public. I was already a big fan and implored my work colleagues to take their lunch hour to hear him speak. Although I only convinced one person to join me, we were both taken by his enormous stage presence. Even then he had a rock-star quality and all the questions were directed to him (the other panel members were totally ignored).

Although I don't remember much of the panel discussion, I do remember one question and his answer. Asked what he did to relax, Jobs answered immediately and succinctly: "I go to Italy." The audience laughed a bit, as if they couldn't understand why this businessman would take the time to travel to Italy. He explained that seeing the Renaissance art there, particularly in Florence, inspired him. Jobs has often been quoted extolling the virtues of integrating art and technology-clearly the impact of various art forms and artists are evident in his stunning product designs.

There are endless videos of Jobs being interviewed and/or introducing new products, but this is one of our favorites from his younger years. We hope you enjoy it and take a minute to send his family positive thoughts.


Unknown said...

"Bocci's Beefs" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Bocci - It was so nice to meet you in German Village today. You were so cute and so well behaved! My dog could learn a lot from you. Thanks to your human for handing me your calling card. I can now follow your adventures online. Very nice blog, indeed!

Cockapoo 4 u said...

great blog, I am now following you, would love you to come over and say hi to me too :) x

Renee DeMartin and Mugs said...

Steve Jobs was a brilliant, creative force. His designs were perfection in
form and function, intuitive and easy to use, and the epitome of elegance.
I will be forever grateful that he took the "beige" out of computers. How much more he would have contributed had his life not been cut so ridiculously short.

Bocci said...

Thanks Renee and Mugs, so well said.

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