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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monday Musings Round-Up

Thanks to all who participated in our Monday Musings' return! Let's get right to solving that mystery of the disappearing sweet treat. Here's what really happened: Parental Unit had had a tough morning, and on her way home from trying to trade in her car at a local dealership, stopped at her favorite coffee shop and bought one coconut doughnut along with several lottery tickets (someone's gotta win, right?). Contrary to our friend Tank's logical assertions, she did indeed leave one half of the doughnut in it's bag for the next day's (or late night) treat. She even moved the bag to the back of her desk instead of taking it downstairs to the kitchen where it would have been out of temptation's (and my) way.

And when she took that bathroom break, I was on it like a flash, then retired to my downstairs bed, hoping that my antics wouldn't be discovered. Sometimes she can't remember what she's eaten or hasn't eaten, so I usually get away with stealing some of her food, but the remains of the bag (with a few shreds of coconut) left on the floor did me in.

And one more thing...despite Parental Unit's on-the-record claim that she's a "dainty eater', let me tell ya, she eats all day long! And if she didn't have me to take on long walks, she wouldn't be allowed in, or should I say, be able to fit in a coffee shop. I'd say that I actually did her a favor by eating that doughnut half, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Bocci, were you coerced into this confession? Did PU shine a bright light on you and ask you questions until you couldn't take it anymore? I can't imagine why else you would admit to taking her donut, but I agree that you did her a big favor and you should be rewarded!

Unknown said...

umm I love coconut doughnuts I thought I was the only one!!

Pup Fan said...

LOL... Oh, Bocci!

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