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Friday, September 09, 2011

Disney Dog Stand-Ins...And Cool Photos

We promised to tell you the number of stand-ins for each puppy on the set of Spooky Buddies, so here's the scoop: the director, Robert Vince, let it slip that there were FIVE stand-ins for every pup. Whew- that's a lot of adorableness in one place! And it sounds like those pooches were pretty pampered-they each must have worked about 10 minutes a day:-)

We'll return tomorrow with both the the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop and Timmy's Weekly Disaster, plus pictures and an interview with the founder of Columbus Dog Connection that we promised for today. In the meantime, we'll leave you with these two beautiful (in their own way) photos recommended to us by StumbleUpon, our new favorite online community.

        What are they feeding this pup, a strawberry milkshake?

                              What a healthy snack!

P.S. How would you caption these photos?


Anonymous said...

Oh Dog! All that cute in one place is too much! I may..... SMILE!

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