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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jesse The Jack Russell Does It Again!

We've just discovered the wonders of Jesse, the multi-talented Jack Russell Terrier and recent You-Tube sensation. Apparently this is Jesse's second round of "useful tricks"immortalized on You-Tube, and we have to admit that we're exhausted from just watching his array of talents!

Something tells me that I'll be making Parental Unit her tea and toast tomorrow morning...as if I don't do enough around here already.

Tell us what tricks your canines can do-we'd love to know!


K-Koira said...

The most useful trick my dogs know is how to close the door. I leave the door open to the yard for the dogs to come back inside, and this way, when they come back inside, I can be across the house doing something, eating, etc, and just tell them "go close the door" and they run back and make sure the door is closed and latched. Super useful.

Pup Fan said...

Jesse is so amazing!

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