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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rufus The Cat Has Neighbors In A Spat

We thought we'd share this story that was in our local paper last week because we couldn't get it out of our minds. Aptly titled "Neighbors in Cat Spat", it details the plight of Rufus, a six year old Siamese cat, who's under attack from neighbors for doing what comes naturally...killing the occasional bird, chipmunk and even a bunny. It seems that his owners, the Miller family, allow Rufus to be both an indoor and outdoor cat, as many cat owners do. And Rufus is quite friendly with humans-purring non-stop and following his family on their nightly walks with their dog.

Photo courtesy of the Columbus Dispatch

But when Rufus recently attacked a bird, he received threats from an anonymous neighbor "to take matters into their own hands", and shortly thereafter Rufus fell ill, and is slowly recovering from a $3000 abdominal surgery.

The family is now engaged in an all out war of words with their neighbors that includes laminated essays, yard signs and a Facebook page, all pleading for folks to let Rufus be, well...a cat. But what we really love is the Miller family's proposed solution-buying squirt guns for the neighbors to shoo Rufus out of their yards...rather than, say, using poison.

What do you think? Should Rufus be allowed outdoors to pursue his natural instincts if his owners so choose, or in deference to the neighborhood wildlife, should Rufus become an indoor-only cat-or perhaps something in between? We'd love to hear your thoughts on this feud.

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Kolchak Puggle said...

Wow, seriously the neighbor that POISONED THE CAT is the one who ought to be ashamed himself. There are no laws against cats who eat birds, but there sure as heck are laws against humans who hurt animals.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Well I think the neighbor that "did something" to the cat should be PUNISHED. Maybe Fined about 87,000 green papers... or at least have to pay the Vet Bill.
I like the idea of the Squirt Guns... butt I must say that I think that Dawgs and Cats and Horses,fur that matter... should NOT be allowed to roam on other peeps Property and do damage or in any way Bother anyway or any thing.. So I say... Keep Rufus in the HOUSE... where He is SAFE!!!
Two Wrongs... do NOT make One Right. I'm just sayin!!

Sagira said...

I would never harm an animal but I also don't let my cat outside. I think they can get harmed out there and you do have sick people in this world that will harm them. I guess I can kind of see both sides of this story. What if the people had pet birds and Rufus killed one of those and it was on their property?

Cheryl and Kirby said...

Well, I think cats should be left indoors or if they are outdoors, confined safely to their yards. I also believe that dogs and cats shouldn't be able to wander into neighbors yards. That just isn't good neighbor behavior. But also, they should think of Rufus' safety. The spread of feline aids/leukemia (which is high here in MI) should scare them, not to mention that he could get taken or hit by a car.

I don't condone hurting someone else's pet because they are being inconsiderate. It is not the pet's fault that the owner's aren't responsible. I do applaud the owners for trying to come up with a plan, but I think the best plan would be to keep Rufus inside.

Cheryl and Kirby

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

It might be hard to keep Rufus inside. Our Happy was an indoor/outdoor cat with his first family. Then he was all outdoors when they moved away and didn't take him. He stays indoors here all day but freaks out if he can't go out for a while once it gets dark. Now Simone, who has always been in the family, is a totally indoor cat, but it's very hard to keep a cat in when he wants so much to be out. They're fast. Rufus, however, is in immediate danger and I'd try to keep in if it's at all possible.

MikiHope said...

Having just had to put my loving cat Gremlin to sleep--I probably would have shot the neighbor that poisoned Rufus!! Gremlin was a totally indoor cat (I live on the 7th floor of an apartment building!)--Would they possibly consider leasing Rufus? He seems to stay with them without a leash but-----until those neighbors can be gotten rid of-----
I am a new GFC follower from the Monkey Hop

Michele aka MikiHope

Sara said...

Cats should not be allowed outside. They can contract feline diseases, be hit by cars and apparently poisoned.

That being said – cats are cats. Cats kill birds, and bunnies and rodents. They are really good at it. Also, cats will often target and kill ill birds. It is all part of natural selection. Poisoning a pet however, is not.

Do these neighbors put chemicals on their lawns – that infect the bugs which in turn poison the birds and kill them? Has a bird ever flown into their patio window? Have they ever heard a thud driving along a dark road?

I understand the attack of the bird (or whatever) was probably gruesome. Most small children would probably find it disturbing had they witnessed it. That being said, I’m sure they wouldn’t want to see where their Happy Meals come from either….

Sage said...

We haven't let a cat outside since we lost one to a fox many years ago. That said, cats natural instinct is hunting small prey, which includes birds. Frankly, these neighbors need to get a life. Especially if they are resorting to poisoning the cat.

Bocci said...

Ooooo, we appreciate your lively comments-and so well said!

Sara, we especially like your point about the "Happy" Meals!

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