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Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Musings

Since the subtitle of Bocci's Beefs is "One Dog's Musings on Life with Humans and Other Animals", I thought I'd spend at least part of every Monday ruminating about something that happened over the weekend, and let you all help me figure out if my thinking on the matter is as "spot on" as I tend to believe it is. Sometimes it takes a village, or in our case, the entire blogosphere, to figure something out, don't you think?  By the way, Parental Unit is going to totally butt out-this is just between you and me.

Photo of me by Rachel Lauren Photography

So here goes... Just yesterday, Parental Unit and I (O.K. she'll probably be in some of my stories), were taking our usual walk in Ohio's current blistering heat and humidity. When it gets this hot and uncomfortable, we do shorten our walks just a bit and make sure we stop for water, but both of us are still pretty much in a daze about the goings' on around us. Anyway, we run into a person and his dog who we've met several times before, and I do a meet and greet with his pooch, and Parental Unit and the guy exchange pleasantries. Meanwhile, while they're talking, his dog takes a huge poop (for such a small dog), right in the middle of the sidewalk, and shortly thereafter, we part company (this whole interaction was no more than about three minutes).

But both Parental Unit and I notice that this guy didn't pick up his dog's poop-in fact, we looked behind us as we walked away, just to make sure we weren't hallucinating from the heat. The guy and his dog were strolling down the street, blissfully unaware that the steaming poop pile was already attracting hundreds of flies and posing a hazard to passers' by.

What did we (or should we) have done about it? Please choose from among the following or make up your own response:

1. Yelled after the dufus to pick up the dang poop;

2. Immediately dialed 911 and reported the absconding duo;

3. Ran after the two and wrestled them both to the ground, forcing an apology and penance in exchange for sparing their lives;

4. "Tsk, Tsk-ed" quietly to ourselves while shaking our heads and walking away feeling superior-we would never leave my poop behind!

Please let us know in your comment which of the responses you think that Parental Unit and I chose, by picking one of the above numbers or just letting us know a different, perhaps more appropriate response.
And check back on Wednesday when we'll tally the responses and let you know the one most frequently  chosen...and what we really did. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think!


Jake of Florida said...

Depending on who (how big) this guy (human, not dog) was, we might have said when he started to walk away leaving steaming pile behind: "Oh, here, do you need a poop bag -- we have an extra one."

(Mom did try that one once and received an uplifted middle finger in response.)

Number 3 sounds the most satisfying -- except we want you and your Parental Unit to stay on this planet for awhile!!

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

Sagira said...

I sure hope you yelled at the guy to let him know it is there. We have done that in the past. Bad dog owners like that give us all a bad name.

Anonymous said...

I can't really picture you doing any of the four choices so I'll be curious to find out what you actually did!
My asst. would do what Jake suggested... offer the guy a poop bag (and mumble what a jackass he was under her breath.)

Of Pit Bulls and Patience said...

Parker chooses #3. I have actually had this happen in a similar situation with a client whose dog I was training. He fully intended to leave it in the sidewalk, so I took out a bag and picked up his dog's poop for him. I didn't say anything, but he was embarrassed. I say lead by example, Bocci, and make that owner think about how stupid he was being by watching you (or your human) do his job for him!

Duke said...

We hope it was choice #3 and you have proof on video, Bocci!
We would have offered them a poop bag. Mom always carries plenty!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

pibble said...

We would have said something, probably jokingly at first so he didn't think we were taking him to task. Once he protested (and I'm sure he would have, otherwise he would have picked it up in the first place) we would have wrestled him to the ground and stuck his nose in it... Good old-fashioned human-human training. Always works on humans (but not on dogs, we wouldn't dream of doing this to a dog!).

Okay, we really would have said something like "would you like to borrow a bag for that?" to "help" him do the right thing. THEN we'd prepare for the nose-in-poop wrassle.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I would have yelled after the dufus to pick up the poop (#1) but I bet you did the "tsk, tsk" don't remember what number that was.

This reminds me, did you see "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Sunday night? There was a scene in there having to do with this EXACT same thing!

Kolchak Puggle said...

A combo of 1, 4 and possibly 3 would be our go to. We always carry a bunch of extra bags and I probably would have made some half joint sarcastic remark about the gy being too much of a princess to do poop pick up. I definitely would call attention to it though. (if your mom chose three, you have video to share, right?!)

The Daily Pip said...

This is a really tough one and I am not sure what we would have done in this situation, but probably some combination of the three.

Great picture of your by the way!

Your pal, Pip

firstyouleap said...

Oy, I see evidence of these offenders but never seen one in action. Sometimes when I see the evidence I will doggy bag it myself.
In your situation I *think* I would say "excuse me but your forgot to pick this up--do you need a doggy bag?
If they were dirty rotten scoundrels and kept walking or said something wicked we would probably pick it up ourselves in consideration of the community at large.

I was talking for a long time with another P-Unit, so long that I didn't even notice that Jeeves pooped by a tree. As we finished talking the person said 'oh yeah, Jeeves pooped while we were talking" and pointed to it. I was very grateful cause I hate it when folks leave their business behind!
Melinda and, in spirit, Jeeves

Pup Fan said...

Number 3 does sound satisfying, but probably risky. I'd probably go with Number 1, but maybe after "nicely" (aka passive aggressively) offering a poop bag first.

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