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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cesar Millan And Marlo Thomas-A Dynamic Duo!

Most of you know by now that Parental Unit and I are big fans of Cesar Millan-we think he's a transformative figure in the area of dog-human relations, and we've even have been lucky enough to write for his website (please excuse the shameless self-promotion). Check out these two articles that focus on the BlogPaws conferences Parental Unit has attended: www.cesarsway.com/news/dognews/BlogPaws-West-Embraces-Be-The-Change and www.cesarsway.com/news/dognews/BlogPaws-Conference.

But Parental Unit is also a huge, lifetime fan of Marlo Thomas. From the groundbreaking TV series That Girl (Embarrassingly, PU still wants her hair styled in the That Girl flip), to her envious marriage to Phil Donahue, and through all of her books and causes over the years, Parental Unit remains smitten.
               Hey, That Girl is now available on DVD!

So you can only imagine her squeals of delight when she discovered that Marlo and Cesar have teamed up for a series of short video clips that answer readers questions about their dogs! She nearly flipped! (pun intended.) See these helpful videos straight from Cesar's Way newsletter right here: www.cesarsway.com/news/appearances/Cesar-Talks-All-Thing-Pet-Care-with-Marlo-Thomas?utm_source=Mobile+Storm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=marlo_video.

And believe it or not, Parental Unit didn't know that Ms. Thomas had her own website (although she did notice and enjoy reading her many pieces written for the Huffington Post. So visit www.marlothomas.aol.com, where you can read all sorts of useful articles from some big-name experts.


meowmeowmans said...

Sounds like your parental unit was in Heaven! We'll have to check out those video clips for sure. Thanks for letting us know about them! :)

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