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Thursday, June 02, 2011

How Green Is Your Pet?

We thought we'd pass along these practical tips from The Nature Conservancy to help reduce your pets' carbon footprint.

For example, did you know that your cute kitty could be a threat to our bird population? According to this article, it's best to keep your cat indoors, not just because he or she might get hit by a car or pick up disease, but because "after habitat destruction, the biggest threat to birds are domesticated cats."
(More on enrichment products for your indoor cat coming soon!)

And did you realize that feeding your pet natural and/or organic pet foods and treats is not only healthier for your four-legged friend, but better for the environment? The higher quality and organic pet foods typically contain meats that are raised sustainably and the other ingredients are produced free of pesticides, hormones or antibiotics, which means less impact on our precious resources. Enjoy this enlightening article here: www.nature.org/greenliving/gogreen/everydayenvironmentalist/green-your-pets.xml?src=gpg.

While we're on the 'green theme", we'd like to pass on these additional tips from The Nature Conservancy
titled, "Five Ways To Green Your Lawn and Garden Care.".  It does a great job of explaining the connection between our gardening choices and the impact on our ground and surface waters, among other aspects of our environment. And here's the best reason to "go organic" with lawn care: your beloved outdoor pets don't have to mingle directly with those pesticides and weed killers you've just applied! Just sayin' :-)

Speaking of lawns...here I am sitting without worry on the "grass" in our backyard. No pesticide use here-see the weeds blending in?


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

YOU are a very good Citizen of the planet!!

Kolchak Puggle said...

What a great post! We love to try to be green dogs at our house! Thanks Bocci!

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

That's a lot of great information, Bocci. We have that same kind of green stuff in the backyard. It's not all always green, exactly, but it works for us.

The Daily Pip said...

Great post, Bocci. We live a fairly green life in this house except for our cat litter. We are trying to find a green litter that isn't crazy expensive - with three cats we use a lot of litter. Our rabbit's litter is green, but the cats are a little behind the times.

Your pal, Pip

The Daily Pip said...

We haven't tried it, but we will. Thanks! We use feline pine for Lulu, our bunny, but the cats are quite particular and don't like it.

Your pal, Pip

TwoSpecialWires said...

Bocci. You are the best. We try out best to go green here ... even to the extent that the last stain Jake left on the carpet was green ... but that's really not what I came here to write about. Instead, I wanted to pass Jake's thanks to you for his birthday wishes. And to wish you a happy weekend!

Much love
Fergi (and jake)

Sara said...

Domestic cats were named as Animal Planet's most deadly cat. Not because of their power or size but because of their high success rate as hunters. Definitely a threat to birds!!

Unknown said...

I love those tips! It seems it't time for us to make some changes too!

Bocci said...

Thanks to all who weighed in!

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