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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ridiculously Cute Cat Video

Now, you know that we only do this once in awhile, and when we do, it's something pretty special.
Although this short video has been viewed on You-Tube millions of times, we just saw it yesterday on the Huffington Post...and Parental Unit (and even I) cooed until we could coo no more.

But we love what someone wrote to introduce the video: "...Mother Cat squeezes baby kitten into a warm, nurturing fuzzy hug. Everyone in the world collectively looses their minds with joy."


Unknown said...

I've seen this before and it is too cute! LOL Newest follower and hope you come by and visit mine and my daughter's blog too:)

Stained Glass Butterflies

Pup Fan said...

Sooooo cute!

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