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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Patrick The Miracle Dog Does A Peace Summit

The picture that touched the world: Patrick shortly after he was found.

We just learned that the Newark Peace Education Summit, scheduled to be held in Newark, New Jersey, on May 13-15 has named Patrick, the pit bull mix who was found just hours from death in a trash bin the day before St. Patrick's Day, their "Peace Hero of the Week." Read all about this declaration here: www.newarkpeace.org/peace-hero/patrick-miracle-dog.

This summit will explore the possibilities of peace and nonviolence in today's world with leaders and scholars from across our country and the world. A wonderful few days to be sure-but we particularly love the idea that a conference dedicated to nonviolence has chosen this sweet, terribly abused dog as their "peace hero". Patrick is no doubt a survivor, and a simultaneous testament to both human cruelty and compassion.

Here's a more recent photo of Patrick looking much happier!

We hope you take a moment to read about the details of this extraordinary conference via the above link. And while you're at it, please check out Patrick's Facebook page to follow his recovery and rallies that are being held on his behalf: www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=167396563315499


Barbara said...

Unfortunately, in Newark, there is anything but Peace regarding Patrick.

After defending the AHS, it appears they filed a 40 page brief to get custody of Patrick to put him at the AHS Popcorn Zoo. That just sickens me. I never dreamed they would do anything but find him a home. So now the fight is on. GSVS wants their staff member to adopt him and the Mayor stepped in and told AHS they had to stop their fight. They wouldn't. It will all be decided by a judge.

How sad that a little miracle like this turned into what it has become. A poor little dog who just needs a home is now a pawn. So sad.

Bocci said...

Wow! Thanks for this update. PU is off to do some additional research on this...

H Ski said...

That picture breaks my heart. How can people do that to a dog. And to hear that they want to put him in a zoo is horrible. I hope he finds a great forever home with a family.

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