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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making A Difference: One Photograph At A Time

We love it when we see how much of a difference one person can make in the lives of homeless animals by donating just a small portion of their time and skills. Take photographer Ginger Monteleone, for example. Although she earns her living photographing real estate, she found her passion by taking professional photographs of homeless dogs from rescues and shelters. Her volunteer work produces "color shots of dogs that allowed their personalities to shine through...helping hundreds of pets find good homes."

Parental Unit and I applaud dedicated people like Ginger, who so generously donate their time and talent to help animals in need. We're in the process of figuring out how we can expand our impact beyond what we have been doing on our blog: raising awareness of issues like dog auctions, puppy mills and animal abuse prevention, and spotlighting those people who have taken the lead to help our fellow creatures. We'd love to have your suggestions!

Enjoy the full article about Ginger here: www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/04/03/ginger-monteleone_n_843898.htmlutm_source=Triggermail&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Daily%20Brief&utm_campaign=daily_brief.

And check out this video segment from MSNBC.com's Nightly News that features Ginger's story.

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Passion 4 Pits said...

wow- love this news piece- that photographer takes amazing shots!!

Asta said...

Oh my dog!!! We love this!!!!!!
How wondewful of gingew to use hew talents fow such a wondewful cause.I salute hew !!1
smoochie kisses

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