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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

We hope you're all doing something special today to commemorate this Earth Day 2011. Because this year, Earth Day also falls on Good Friday and overlaps with Passover, so many of us will be busy with other activities, and it will be easy to forget to commemorate this important day. To complicate things, it's pouring rain in our neck of the woods, so we'll have to get creative for any outdoor festivities!

But we thought everyone might have time to read these Earth Day tips from our friends at DogTime Media, aptly titled: The Top Ten Ways to Reduce Your Dogs Carbon Pawprint. They're excellent ways for us dogs (and our human companions) to practice going "greener" with our lifestyles.
Enjoy them here! www.dogtime.com/top-10-ways-reduce-dogs-carbon-paw-print-earth-day-2011.html

We thought you'd also like these celebration ideas from the good folks at The Nature Conservancyearthday.nature.org/?autologin=true. This year's celebration theme is "Picnic for the Planet"!


Lucy-Fur, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Happy Earth Day and Good Friday to you, too! I've actually shipped the girls off to daycare for the day (the fans are STILL drying out the bottom floor, and they drive Fi bananas, so I thought she'd appreciate a break from the constant loud blowing of the fans), but am trying to 'make the rounds'! I confess, my day is going to mainly consist of mentally recuperating from the last 5 days... However, being a bit of a neo-classical pagan, I did dance in the new snow and the moonlight last night when I took the girls out. (I'm a terrible dancer, but it was liberating.) Have a good weekend; and I hope the rain doesn't hit you the way it hit us! ;-)

-Dr. Liz

Asta said...

Happy EAWF DAY to you sweet Bocci!!!!

I twy to be vewy eawf fwiendly when I'm outside.
I use good poop bags that don't clog up the enviwonment and I nevew pee on twees ow flowews.
Thank you fow those awticles and hints
I will thank the eawf today
smoochie kisses

Bobby said...

We are very green and earthy.
Happy Holiday.
Licks Grumpy Bobby

The Daily Pip said...

This is a GREAT article! I have to say I think of myself as pretty earth-friendly, but some of these things I hadn't thought about. We humans in the family use earth-friendly shampoos, but I have to admit I don't think Pip's shampoo is earth-friendly. Proud to say our poop bags are earth friendly! Thanks for this important reminder.

Kristin (Pip's mom)

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Happy Earth Day! Went and saw African Cats in honor of Earth Day...was miserable in Michigan today too. Pouring rain and COLD!

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