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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dog Therapy For Stress

We thought we'd share this article from Tuesday's New York Times titled, "For Law Students with Everything, Dog Therapy For Stress", that explains the new library lending policy at Yale Law School.
Starting next week, students at one of the most competitive law schools in the country can check out a friendly pooch named Monty for 30 minutes of therapy, along with the library's collection of over one million books.  "It is well documented that visits from therapy dogs have resulted in increased happiness, calmness and overall emotional well-being," said the school's librarian in an e-mail message to students. Enjoy the full article here: www.nytimes.com/2011/03/22/education/22dog.html?_r=1&scp=2&sq=For+law+Students+with+everything%2C+Dog+Therapy+for+stress&st=nyt.
And speaking of therapy dogs for stress...on the same day that Parental Unit read this article, she went to a new dentist for that dreaded procedure called a "root canal". She'd been there the day before for a consultation and noticed a small, fluffy white dog named Charlie just hanging around the office looking adorable, but didn't bother to question why he was there, or how or why a dog was allowed in a super-hygienic dentist's office-she was too overwhelmed by the cost of the procedure to be thinking at all!

So the next day, after the drilling and other weird stuff was finished, Charlie came over to the chair to say hello and promptly jumped on her lap (after seeking permission). The dentist then explained that Charlie was indeed, a trained therapy dog with her own framed license on the wall, no less, who helped patients relax.

Now Charlie was awfully cute, and he probably did diffuse some tension and anxiety, but what would have really been great was if Charlie had offered to split the bill with Parental Unit:-) Now that would have been a stress reliever!

P.S. We're sorry that Parental Unit didn't have a camera or camera phone with her to bring you pics of Charlie and his framed certificate-and she just couldn't make herself go back to that office three days in a row...


Asta said...

Thanks fow that awticle and cool stowy about youw Mom's dentist.
Going to the dentist is always stwessful(even wifout the hoomungous bill at the end) so I'm suwe that doggie helped youw Mom
Mommi would always have me wif hew if she could cause she's not neawly so depwessed and nuts when I'm awound
smoochie kisses

Bocci said...

Ditto Asta! My PU always feels much better when I'm by her side:-)

TwoSpecialWires said...

Great article, Bocci. You are always such a good resource.

And we LOVE the idea of the Therapy Dog in the dentist's office. That's one cool (and smart) dentist.

Hey! We noticed that our "neighbors" the ColoradoBeckers have been visiting you, and that you are helping them think about rescue and adoption! Way to go! You KNOW that makes us happy!

Keep that happy smile. We always love to see it when we come to visit (which isn't often enough)

Love and many xxxx
Jake and Fergi

Sal said...

well, wow. Great and very useful article you have here buddy! I'll make sure to remember this, and bookmark it, just in case my dogs are showing that stress signs, which I hope they won't be though.. :)

PawPurrry said...

This was a great read. Thank you. I particularly enjoyed that part about Charlie...I think if you contacted the Dentist he would probably be more than happy to send you a pic...Charlie probably deserves his own post : )

I don't even think I would question the hygiene of having a dog in a dentist office...here in NYC medical staff walk in out of the subways with their scrubs on and proceed to work on patients this way...nothing could be as un-hygienic as that: )

Never thought about a therapy dog in dentist office...I only think of them in terms of rehab-centers and senior communities or various types.

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