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Monday, February 28, 2011

ASPCA Helps To Rescue 349 Dogs From Ohio Sanctuary

You might have already heard this heartbeaking but crazy story, but the ASPCA's perspective is worth reading.

The ASPCA field Investigations team and the Clark county Humane society worked together last Tuesday to rescue 349 dog in various stages of illness from "One More Chance Rescue and Adoption",  an obviously failed animal sanctuary near Springfield, Ohio. The local humane society realized that immediate action was needed, and together with ASPCA field workers removed all of the dogs in one day-a herculean task. Unfortunately they also removed 76 dead dogs from the property.

The dogs were taken to an emergency shelter near Columbus where they are receiving medical care from various veterinary groups, including The Ohio State University. "This is a situation that spiraled out of control," said an ASPCA Field Representative. "The shelter operator intended to save animals at risk of euthanasia, but did not have the resources or capacity to provide adequately for these animals."
Read the full article with pictures here:

We'd love to know what you think...Good intentions gone wrong or something else? 


Peggy Frezon said...

Just heartbreaking. Maybe they started out with the right intentions, but that isn't good enough. Dogs deserve better.

Marianne Pysh said...

That's terrible news. But, I agree with what Peggy said. I think that most of these shelters start out with good intentions, but for one more reasons (especially the economy right now) things go astray. But, at some point, someone should step up and say, hey we need help rather than letting the animals suffer!

The Daily Pip said...

Yeah,I agree with the above comments. I have a really difficult time with what are essentially animal hoarders in my book. I believe in personal responsibility and there is no excuse for this kind of tragedy.

Your pal, Pip

Pup Fan said...

What a sad story - I echo the comments above.

Bocci said...

We agree...Good point about "animal hoarders" Pip. Deep down, we think that's what was going on here.

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