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Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's... The FURminator Review And Give-A-Way!

We were so excited to receive another package the other day-I sure am popular! This time it was from the folks who make the FURminator products. Now just to be clear, these products were sent to us free, in exchange for our trying them out and giving you all our feedback.

In the box was a new deLuxe FURminator, a TubNub bathing brush, and trial size bottles of deshedding shampoo and deshedding lotion. This review and give-a-way will only cover the deLuxe FURminator. We'll try out the TubRub and shampoo/lotion as soon as I need another bath (never would be too soon!)

There was even a nice note included with the package, addressed to Parental Unit and me from the FURminator representative, Beth. It was attached to a Company description of the products.

Keep in mind that we already have the original FURminator, given to us by my Aunt Renee for my Parental Unit's 50th birthday present (I was her main 50th birthday present!). But Parental Unit was excited to try out the new and improved version on me, to make sure that it really was, in fact, improved. She's skeptical about those kind of claims, you know.
Parental Unit was really impressed with the original FURminator, calling it a "miracle tool", because it removed so much excess fur. She had never had a dog that shed before, and she's a real "clean freak", so she was searching for something that might help with my shedding. My Aunt also highly recommends the FURminator, although, to be honest, Parental Unit was hoping for something a bit different for a 50th birthday gift from her sister, like, say, a trip to Italy...but we digress.


Here's a picture of the two FURminators, blades up: the original version on the left and the new deLuxe FURminator on the right.


Here's another picture with the blades down, so you can see both sides of the handle.

According to the package description, the differences between the original version and the deLuxe FURminator are: 
__the handle on the new version is designed more ergonomically to make it easier to grip and use; 
__and the new one has a hair ejector button, so you can use the tool with only one hand while holding on to your pooch (who just caught sight of a squirrel and wants to bolt), with your other hand.
The stainless steel blades are the same for both versions.

Now, how does this thing work? Your Parental Unit simply runs it gently across your back, sides and underbelly, in the direction of the hair growth, like any other comb or slicker brush. The key is that this tool, removes only the undercoat  and other loose hair, and leaves the top coat intact. So...it is not for use on a pet that either: doesn't have an undercoat, or on non-shedding dog breeds. The packaging information also says that it should not be used on pets with sensitive skin.

Here I am giving the new deLuxe FURminator a good sniff. Keep in mind, I don't particularly like being brushed or combed no matter what tool is used - just don't see no need for it! On the other hand, Bella (you know, the cat), loves to be FURminated-she waits in line and demands it (like she does everything else!)


Here's a picture of... my fur, but not on me! On the left is my fur removed with a slicker -type brush, and on the right is my fur removed with the new FURminator -same amount of strokes/same amount of time.


Ditto for Bella's fur.

Here's a picture of my fur removed from the new FURminator with the ejector buttom- notice how it's in a perfect row. (Parental Unit kept forgetting to use the ejector button because she was used to the original FURminator that doesn't have one).

So here's Parental Unit's take on the deLuxe FURminator's new features:
__ Yes, the new handle is more (actually much more) comfortable: easier to grip and hold on to while brushing.
__ And the ejector button really is helpful, and works perfectly each and every time. Parental Unit was a bit skeptical about the need for an ejector button, but by golly, it does make it easier to use-and she gets a kick from seeing the fur come out in a nice neat row!

Now please know that while Parental Unit loves both the original and deLuxe FURminator as one of several grooming tools she uses on both Bella and me, it does not completely prevent shedding. But it does seem to substancially reduce shedding. And for that, she is thrilled!
One additional note: the blade is quite a bit sharper than a regular brush or comb, so you do have to be more careful. Both the original and the new deLuxe FURminator come with a plastic blade cover that you should put back on after each use.

       Now...how do you win a new deLuxe FURminator?

Just comment on this post ( Note: you have to be an official "Follower" of this blog to be eligible to win.)
I will pick a number between one and 25 and circle it on my calendar (I'll do that right now!) If you happen to be that number post, you're the winner!
You will then send your mailing information and the breed and size of your pet to Parental Unit at this e-mail address: jdemarti@columbus.rr.com  Note that the FURminator comes in different sizes because, well, we come in different sizes! I will then forward your information to our FURminator representative, Beth, and she will ship you your new deLuxe FURminator!

Thanks for your support and good luck, one and all! The winner won't be announced till Tuesday afternoon, June 15th, so you'll have plenty of time to comment!


Duke said...

Mom has always wanted to try the FURminator so we're giving it a shot! She says it looks like just the coolest tool!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...

Gee Bocci
That looks soopew cool..Now I don't weally shed, but I do have two diffewent coats, nmm, I think it would pwobably be good fow me and that new handle would be soopew cause mommi is having lots of twouble wif awthuw itisy handses huwting, and tha ejectow button is the best and we'we too bwoke to buy one, heheh, sooooooooo,
I'm thwowing my "hat" in the wing to win one!!!!

I hope you didn't mind it too much
I bet you feel nice and cool fow the summew
smoochie kisses

Rachel Lauren Photography said...

Oh I would love to try it out on zero! :)

Inky and Molly said...

Oh dear, we know the dreaded Furminator well. That's the thing that steals our fuzz that she uses for felting... Bah!

Pet Book Lady said...

Whoops! Think I accidentally deleted my last post.
Oscar likes the idea of not looking so motley. He could use a new look!

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