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Friday, May 28, 2010

Young Again Pet Food Live Tweet...A Success!

Well, after a few technical snafus (Parental Unit not knowing exactly what to do:-)), we had a marvelous conversation yesterday with Michael Massie, the president of Young Again Pet Food. The idea was to find out a little more about his business, and discuss the ingredients in pet foods in general, and in his line of food in particular. Many thanks go to his media director, Cydney Wuerffel, for making sure we pulled this off!

We also had great questions and comments from BlogPaws folks, which added a ton to the conversation-so thanks to you too! Check it out here: @boccibeefs, Hashtag: #BocciYA. I'll also post a transcribed version of the interview right here...coming soon!

Following the twitter event, I had a nice long conversation with Michael and Sydney (yes, by telephone-we heard each other's voices-really strange!) They were kind enough to offer my readers a discount code for 25% off a single order from their website. Here it is: "Twitter25". So take a look at their array of pet food (ferrets and birds and fish, oh my!), in addition to their food for dogs and cats, right here: www.youngagainpetfood.com. And take advatage of the discount, good through the end of summer!


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