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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Live Tweet With Young Again Pet Food!

Hi everyone!
Tomorrow, Thursday, May 27, at 3:00p.m. EST, 2:00 CST.  I'll be doing a live tweet with the owner of Young Again Pet Food, Michael Massie.

For those of you not following me on twitter, my name is @boccibeefs. Hashtag for this event is: #BocciYA
Stop by and join the conversation! I'll be asking Michael the "hard questions" about his line of pet foods.
I did provide him with a list of questions in advanced, just so he's be able to respond promptly, and in 140 characters, but I reserved the right to ask different and/or follow up questions depending on his answers.
More information, post-tweet, will follow in a post on this blog.

Mr. Massie's reperesentative contacted me several weeks ago and asked if I'd like to try out his dog food. Well, of course, I would have loved to (you know how I love my food!),  but Parental Unit thought we'd better be cautious and ask some questions. In the spirit of full disclosure, neither Parental Unit nor I are getting any compensation for this "live tweet", nor will we sample any of Young Again Pet Food.
We are doing this solely to help both us and our readers understand the reasoning behind the ingredient choices in pet food in general, and this line of pet food specifically.

 So tune in and feel free to ask your own questions!

Thanks for your support!


Cydney said...

Thanks, Joan!

Everyone on the Young Again side is just as excited to answer the important questions regarding price, content and, of course, Rejuvene!

You can follow us on Twitter: @youngagainpets


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