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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill

 You all probably know that Martha Stewart has a blog written by her two Frenchies called, The Daily Wag, which Parental Unit and I regularly enjoy. But, I wanted you to see a special post from that blog, entitled, "The People's Dog".  It was written by frequent contibutor, Dr. Pia Salk, a psychologist and animal welfare advocate. Dr. Salk is also a spokesperson for Adopt-A-Pet.com.

See the post and great pictures here:

Here, we clearly have a dog (or dogs) channeling Mother Jones... or Joe Hill, those late, great labor activists.
"Power to the people", she seems to be saying!

I hope you enjoy this and think about engaging you beloved dog or other pet in a mission or job with you, their pack leader. Take it from me, they'd love it!


Agatha and Archie said...

Well clearly that kid is a friend of the people..POWER OF THE PAW we say( PL1+2 love this stuff being children of the 60's ) plus they think( and OF COURSE we agree) that dogs are smarter than people any way and to that we say"hear hear" Love and kisses A+A

Bocci said...

"Hear, Hear" right back to ya! Yes, clearly Parental Unit is right with your PL1+2.
Talk with you soon!
Your buddy,

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